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CJ Cowden is a self-taught artist who believes her work is a continuous study of color, texture and movement, consisting of subconscious impressions and influences from the world around her.

Cowden is a world traveler who loves nature and tries to create a balance between her experiences and materials while testing and exploring different media. She enjoys creating art that draws viewers into the world around us through an abstract point of view, in hopes they will be able to feel a sense of peace while visually exploring her art. In addition, Cowden believes in and has a passion for helping other artists achieve their goals through mentoring and encouragement.

Cowden is an award-winning artist who shows her work locally and across the nation and has work in private collections. Working full time in her Frisco studio, Cowden specializes in large-format works of art, creating both original works as well as commissioned pieces. In addition to being an accomplished artist, Cowden has a talent for interior design and can create pieces to complement existing spaces and designs. She is a member of the Texas Visual Arts Association, Visual Arts Guild of Frisco and Creative Arts Center of Dallas.

CJ Cowden


Painting is a calling for Dinora Trindade. Born in Portugal, she fell in love with painting while living in Africa. She says, “I remember as a young girl driving with my father in Luanda, viewing the scenery, and saying to myself, ‘I can paint that.’”

After moving to the United States, Trindade continued to develop her art. She uses traveling as a source of inspiration. She concentrates heavily on color, composition and simplicity. Her work is light and expressive.

“I believe that art is a core value in our world. My hope is for people to become art lovers, and for them to join me in selecting an existing work of art or in commissioning a new creation,” Trindade says.

Dinora Trindade


“Painting and creating has been a significant part of my life since I was in elementary school,” says Douglas King, editor of Dallas Style & Design, who works with acrylic on canvas.

King recently began experimenting with the palette knife. After spreading thick layers of acrylic paint over paper or canvas, King often goes back over the entire piece using a chopping motion and the edge of the knife to create a textured pattern. He works the patterns until he is pleased with not only the blend of color, but also the texture itself.

King likes to work in series and develops his technique as he explores different patterns, color spaces and sizes, often mixing series elements into a new style. The artist’s paintings vary in size, from 42 by 76 inches to 36 by 36 inches to 8-by-10-inch studies.

“I like to experiment and explore many different styles,” King notes. “I never want to be limited in what I create. I paint the scene I see in my mind’s eye and it is different from day to day.”

Frisco Fine Art


Deborah R. Hill would classify her art as contemporary impressionism. Through differing balances of color, brushwork and paint application, the artist is most focused on enabling the paint to dictate a kind of “visual roadmap” throughout the painting. Hill finds inspiration in the depth of color and form in the natural world—rural vistas, beaches, marshes and fauna supply her subject matter, although she is equally inspired working from still life. Painting is Hill’s passion and she enjoys capturing the true beauty and essence of her surroundings.

The artist works primarily with oil on canvas or board. She is a full-time artist, painting for galleries and exhibitions, and she also completes commissions in her studios in Upstate New York and South Carolina.

Hill is represented by LePrince Galleries in Charleston, South Carolina, and Shain Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her work is also part of many collections across the nation. You may follow her on Instagram @deborahrhillpaintings.

Deborah R. Hill


Ginger Fox Gallery has opened a second gallery in the heart of the Dallas Design District.

The beautiful 5,000-squarefoot space on Dragon Street is fantastic for viewing artwork as well as providing ample room for an on-site studio, where Fox has space to work on largescale paintings.

The two contemporary art galleries in Dallas feature paintings by Ginger Fox and works by select emerging and mid-career artists. Fox began her fine art career in 2001 with her first solo exhibition. In 2006, Lara Humphrey began collaborating with Fox and focusing full time on her fine art career, showing Fox’s work in established galleries across the United States. After many years of being represented by other successful galleries, the next step of the journey was to open their own gallery in the Bishop Arts District in 2012, followed by a second location in the Dallas Design District.

“We are so excited to be a part of the synergy happening in the Dallas Design District. And we couldn’t be happier than to be neighbors with Christopher Martin Gallery, Ferrari Gallery and the Joel Cooner Gallery,” says Humphrey.

Ginger Fox Gallery


With over 25 years of experience in the industry, gallery owner Laura Rathe started her career working as a private art dealer prior to establishing Laura Rathe Fine Art (LRFA) in 1998 in Houston. LRFA now operates out of two locations in Houston and a third in Dallas on Dragon Street. LRFA has since established itself as a leading contemporary art venue, each year offering art of the highest quality and an exciting range of exhibitions and programming to its patrons in both cities.

LRFA represents a dynamic roster of established and mid-career contemporary artists working in a variety of themes and media, many of whom have been acquired into worldrenowned private, corporate and museum collections. LRFA also participates in a variety of prominent art fairs, including CONTEXT Art Miami, Art Southampton, Art Wynwood, the Houston Fine Art Fair, Texas Contemporary and the Dallas Art Fair.

LRFA is also engaged in a number of collaborative and educational programs, including its recently established Create, Curate, Collect lecture series, which aims to enhance relationships between artists, collectors and leading professionals in the Dallas art community and beyond.



Paula B. Radvansky is a Texas artist and designer. She studied art and business at Texas Woman’s University. She studied graphic design at Southern Methodist University. She is a member of the Texas Woman’s University chapter of the National Society for Leadership and Success. From the NSLS she brings values to her design and art that incorporate mind, body and soul. These values convey optimism, good energy, healing and comfort. Art is her first passion and next is interior design. PBR Designs are contemporary designs that communicate fresh, positive energy. Every art work has a concept or story that is explained in the title. The art itself shares the details of the story. The story then creates an energy the viewer receives. These designs are created with hospitality projects in mind, projects such as hotels, resorts, hospitals and health care facilities. PBR Designs are also ideal for residential, retail, staging projects and home interior design. The product line includes original paintings, framed prints, metal prints and woodprints.

Paula B. Radvansky


Gappa Fine Art Glass brings the ancient art of glassblowing to life with a modern twist. Combining architecture training and innovative artistry, founder David Gappa is a master at transforming glass into fine art sculptures, chandeliers, decanters, wall sconces and displays. His pieces of fine art glass can be found and purchased at Vetro Glassblowing Studio & Gallery in Grapevine and American Fine Art Gallery in Dallas. Gappa Fine Art Glass specializes in working with homeowners, business owners and interior designers to create one-of-a-kind commission pieces for private residences and commercial properties. Employing a turnkey process— concept, design, installation— each commission is original and customized for the client and the space.

“I have found that the passion of my life is working with the shifting energies of molten glass into its final stages of artistic completion. Glassblowing, for me, is a magical act of translating the ethereal into solid form. And the creation of each piece is a journey, as I strive to trust in the path the glass chooses for me,” says Gappa.

Gappa Fine Art Glass


Park + Eighth showcases several Texas artists, both established and emerging, with work spanning a variety of styles and mediums. The collection is suited to collectors and designers alike who seek unique, original artworks.

Amy Young is a self-taught abstract expressionist artist known for her exploration of time, impermanence and natural weathering. Graffiti and character- rich walls are her greatest sources of inspiration, as illustrated in Butterfly Effect, an oil on canvas piece that reflects just that. See more of Young’s work at

Betsy Edwards is a masterful, lifelong painter who was influenced by her mother and other wonderful teachers throughout her life. Her inspiration often comes from nature and her travels, as seen in Swimming Upstream, which depicts water in an abstract manner. See more at

Fay Jean Hooker has been on the art scene most of her life, graduating from SMU with a fine arts degree. Her uniquely designed mosaic works are comprised of aluminum beverage cans and gold leaf, as shown in Irish Chain. These artworks spur on clever conversation as viewers attempt to discern the various soda brands represented. See more at fayjeanhooker .com.

Park + Eighth


Located in the Design District, CINQ Gallery promotes emerging and mid-career artists who share a unique vision and passion for contemporary art. The gallery provides a platform to showcase and develop the individual talents of each artist. CINQ’s style and sensibility offer a unique blend of artistic disciplines, creating an enjoyable experience for all.

CINQ’s philosophy is to celebrate the diverse nature of producing and experiencing art. The gallery features the work of a multitude of artists, with backgrounds ranging from local to international. Artist John Peralta explores sculpture through manmade materials, while the many layers of built-up material fascinate mixed media artists Robert Oltarzewski and Jennifer Wagner. Abstract photographer Rodolfo Choperena creates dazzling prints on metal, and painters Steven Tye Culbert, Scott Dawson, Katie O’Sullivan, Oscar Mejia, Mike Salcido, Jessica M. Chaix and Kim Schmitt Thomas live in a world of vivid paintings. CINQ proudly introduces Juan Luís Jardí and Khoo Sui Hoe, both award-winning contemporary artists with a strong international presence.

CINQ hosts many events and receptions throughout the year.



Ferrari Gallery is located in the Dallas Design District, the epicenter of the art scene in the city. This contemporary gallery presents sculpture by James Ferrari and paintings by Debra Ferrari.

The Ferraris personally share with collectors and curious newcomers alike the inspirations, concepts and creative processes behind each piece of art.

James Ferrari creates abstract and representational sculptures by marrying Ferrari car parts with a variety of metals. The juxtaposition of these parts along with his ability to uniquely shape metal is what sets Ferrari’s work apart from any other sculptor in the world.

Debra Ferrari captures moods and emotions through her abstract and representational artworks. Her art expresses narratives sometimes deep in meaning with regard to the relationship between man and nature. Shown are The World’s Fastest Tuna and The Chickadee, a representational painting that transports you to an upclose and personal view of this passerine bird, which visually encompasses that sense of nature that cannot be seen or exist in a city environment.

Ferrari Studios & Gallery


Naomi Butler, a self-taught artist, is known for her wonderful use of color and style and the different techniques she employs to create her paintings. Rich hues artistically capture the simplistic beauty of her contemporary creations. Her new series, Choices, pair together in a superb way, using textures and a reverse effect that create unique and exciting patterns with the randomness of the design. The horizontal painting shown is titled Earth’s Mysteries.

Never formally trained, Butler has a natural talent that continuously evolves over the years, becoming more complex with the many layers and depth of each new painting. Her focus is to have fun, and most of her work consistently shows that and is expressed through color, composition and texture. She loves to experiment and has developed a style that is uniquely her own.

Butler’s second annual solo art show will be Tuesday, October 16 from 6 to 9 p.m. (4821 Keller Springs Road, Addison, Texas, 75001). Email info@ if you would like to attend.

North Texas gallery representation with Frisco Fine Art.

Abstract Art by Naomi


Bee Street Studio is a warehouse-style gallery offering full-service art consultation. It is owned and operated by mother-daughter team Delaney Campbell and Ann Catherine Easterling. Both from Dallas, they are a valuable resource in connecting interior designers and individual clients with a tailored selection of high-quality and original art offerings that are perfect for both commercial and residential spaces. Different from other galleries, Bee Street Studio uses every inch of wall space to showcase the works of their fine artists. Easterling and Campbell strive to offer a comfortable and approachable venue for artists as well as for clients, where they can browse and admire the art. With a portfolio that includes over 60 artists, both established and emerging, from all over the country, the variety of styles, mediums and price points allows clients to find the perfect art for their space.

The artists presented here include Karen Blair, Krista Townsend, Hallie Hamilton, Adele Yonchak and Lucy Reiser.

Bee Street is located at 6445 Cedar Springs Road, Suite #103, and is open Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., or by appointment.



Located near the shops of The Galleria, Southwest Gallery offers Dallas’ largest collections of fine 19th- to 21st-century paintings and sculptures. Celebrating 50 years of serving the art needs of Dallas, this beautiful gallery represents hundreds of respected and established artists with thousands of stunning works of art, from antique to contemporary, in over 16,000 square feet of sensational space. A serviceoriented staff offers design expertise that helps clients maximize value and selection of art purchases. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced art collector, there is always a desire to learn more about how art is made and the artist behind it. Also housed in the gallery is Kittrell Riffkind Art Glass Gallery, which offers an array of sculpture, platters, wall art and many other treasures, large and small. The ever-changing selection of outstanding and innovative work is created by more than 300 contemporary glass artists. You will also find a huge custom framing department where you can choose from the finest handcrafted moulding to thoughtfully designed shadow box frames for those precious keepsakes. Southwest Gallery also welcomes The Artists’ Showplace Gallery in Richardson, helping to continue the diverse offering of products and services.



Artist Carlyn Ray shares creativity through custom glass art and site-specific installations. During her first 10 years of training, Ray worked under various master glass artists, including Dale Chihuly. She has come full circle to build a multitalented team in the Dallas Design District, with a focus on custom art and projects for and with the community.

Contact Carlyn Ray and her team to collaborate on your custom glass artwork. Carlyn Ray Designs operates at Ray’s Dallas Glass Art studio and gallery. Dallas Glass Art is open to the public and offers hot glass classes, teambuilding and private events.

Shown are pieces created in conjunction with families for their homes. Often the families participate in the making of their personal piece. Ray believes this personal connection with the art makes it that much more special and a true heirloom for many generations.



Debra Paysinger’s master’s degree in biology has informed her subject matter, as she primarily paints birds, lures, sea life and rabbits—or the raddits, as she endearingly refers to them. She owns the registered trademark for the term “the raddit” and each whimsical creation is uniquely numbered within the painting.

Paysinger assigns a not-to-be-repeated human name to each expressive bird she paints. These names are found on the back of each work. These striking animal portraits stand on their own yet have a grounded familiarity with the others. It’s as if Paysinger knows the personality of every raddit and bird and finds a way to let that personality shine through. Paysinger paints and sells what she loves–– and nothing could make her happier.

You can find Paysinger’s art in Studio 151 Fine Arts Gallery on Church Street in Charleston, South Carolina, and at Abode Home 2 in Banner Elk, North Carolina.



Sharon Grimes is a self-taught contemporary, abstract artist whose art is a personal expression of life, with all its textures and layers. Inspired by nature and the universe, her work typically features vivid colors and vibrant energy, and is consistently characterized by strong composition, contrast and texture, which demonstrate her remarkable understanding of color and composition.

Grimes first became interested in art at a young age. She grew up loving to sketch people, animals and her surroundings. In her early 20s, her passion for art blossomed as she was inspired by the many galleries and museums she frequented in London while living abroad for a year.

Grimes was a 2014 Hunting Art Prize finalist. Her work has been described by Sara Eyestone, artist, writer and curator of La Posada de Santa Fe and Spa, as a “feast for the eyes.”

Grimes’ paintings have been exhibited in group exhibitions, including the East Texas Regional Art Exhibit at Longview Museum of Fine Arts, P’s Gallery Regional Art exhibit, and the Tyler Museum of Art. Her most recent solo show, Written in the Stars, was hosted by the Texarkana Regional Arts and Humanities Council. In 2017 Grimes exhibited at Longview Museum of Fine Art and judged the 57th annual Student Art Exhibition.

Sharon Grimes


Artist and pianist Helen Lee looks to nature and music to find inspiration for her flamboyant abstract paintings. The composition and form in Lee’s work are free and flowing, offering fluid shape composites with bold usage of lines and refined colors. Her highly qualified musical background has an undeniable impact on her paintings as she strives to create a visual piece of music: distinct, ethereal and intensely beautiful.

Her works are in private collections in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Germany, England, Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand and the United States.

Since she moved to Dallas in 2017, her works have been represented by Bee Street Studio and the Kyo Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia, where her work was select to celebrate that gallery’s grand opening.

“It is the process that I am drawn to, and losing the sense of time and place is a welcoming experience,” says Lee. “Often, my works are a reflection of my intimate thoughts and feelings of that moment. Having had extensive classical music training and being a serious pianist, this inevitably influences the way I perceive painting, capturing the color of the harmonies and the brushstrokes of rhythms.”

Helen Lee


John L. Humphreys is an abstract artist and designer from Del Rio, Texas, and resides in Dallas. He has a Master of Architecture degree from Texas A&M University and studied art and art history as part of the curriculum.

Specializing in acrylic on canvas abstract paintings, Humphreys is inspired by many years of work as both an architect and interior designer, which lend him strength in visualization. Depth of color, attention to detail, perception of scale and emotional response to movement, as well as flexibility and adaptability to design and execution, all contribute to the artistic expression of his work. Ultimately, his abstract paintings create images that encourage personal interpretation by stimulating one’s imagination while enhancing both space and style.

Paintings range in size from 30 by 40 inches to 48 by 60 inches. Larger canvases are also available. Commissions are accepted, and color palette, texture, technique and composition are given careful consideration in creating a special abstract to be enjoyed for years to come. Quality of materials, finish details and a wide range of techniques are ever present in his paintings.

John L. Humphreys


The dramatic relief paintings of William Hall explore the intersection of sculpture and painting. His unique art has developed through years of experimentation as well as the sheer volume of work he has produced.

“I am not the first artist to be inspired by nature. Fossils, natural stone, sedimentary rock and the mechanics by which they are formed, have a fundamental primordial appeal. Much of my technique is designed to mimic natural occurrences,” says Hall.

His method employs pigmented grout that is sculpted and acid stained, painted and mounted on lightweight rigid foam panels. Hall has been awarded a Peripheral Vision Arts Fellowship and is soon to be featured in its distinguished Salon 2017 publication.

A seasoned artist, he was a founding member of the cuttingedge 500-X Gallery in Dallas and has exhibited in over 60 prestigious group and one-man shows throughout the United States. Hall’s work is included in many corporate and private collections. To see more of his art, please visit his website.

William Hall Fine Art

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