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Boutique real estate brokerage offers a luxury experience


Boutique real estate groups are becoming the new standard as the industry evolves and the focus shifts to independent brokerages that offer a more customized, personal experience.

Powered by the knowledge, the passion and the desire to cultivate a unique brand, boutique real estate groups reflect the distinct personality of their owners. For Davidson Lane, the result is a collaborative atmosphere with a true focus on the needs of the client.

Davidson Lane, a luxury brokerage specializing in clientfocused relationships, is changing the way North Texans think about the process of leasing, buying and selling homes.

Guided by a vision and a plan to create a brokerage with high standards of service, the Davidson Lane Real Estate Group is led by broker Elaine Harper, an expert with 15 years of Texas real estate and relocation experience, and Phillip Thompson, an expert with 16 years of experience in commercial construction of residential neighborhoods and custom homebuilding.

These years of experience and market expertise, along with a growing team of talented agents, make Davidson Lane uniquely poised to deliver every client a knowledgeable, handson experience, no matter their price point.

“‘Real estate that moves you,’ that’s our tag line,” says Harper, “and that’s what we aim to do. It’s important for us to connect with our clients, and to offer a cohesive, collaborative experience that is relationship based, and that meets as many of their needs as possible, throughout their time working with us.”

Embracing clients and understanding their needs is very important to both Harper and Thompson. Their ultimate goal is to satisfy clients and to build a relationship for life.

“Most all of our business is either repeat or based on referral,” says Harper. “We really strive to create positive experiences while working with clients—that is different than a simple transaction. We want every interaction to be warm, to reflect understanding and to meet the goal in partnership with our clients.”

Collaboration and partnership are major themes for Davidson Lane, a name derived from the fathers of both Harper and Thompson. Giving their business a personal name set the stage for the direction of the type of service they wanted to provide.

Recruiting realtors that share in the Davidson Lane vision is also an important aspect. Training and encouraging realtors to invest in listening to clients continues the relationship-first philosophy. A strong connection between the client and the realtor fosters better communication, increased understanding and trust.

“It is a huge decision to buy or sell a home, and it’s important that our realtors don’t take this lightly,” says Harper. “For us, staying focused on the important priorities of the clients, while educating them on the market and making the whole process as easy as possible is what we do best. We don’t want clients to become stressed working with us.”

Potential buyers or sellers seek the expertise of a knowledgeable, experienced realtor. “The North Texas housing market is ever-changing,” says Thompson.

“We are the experts with knowledge of the communities and the market,” Harper continues, “and it’s really important that we take that unnecessary stress off clients to give them comfort that we are guiding them in the best direction.”

Educating potential buyers and sellers on home pricing and what to expect in the current market is a large part of the relationship between the brokerage and the client.

“In the end, everyone should walk away feeling that they have received a great deal—the buyer, the seller and us, because we have helped facilitate a positive, productive transaction from beginning to end,” says Harper. “That is really important to us.”

Leslie Chatman is a freelance writer specializing in lifestyle and culture content. Find out more on her publication

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