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The vision of comfort and style of Joseph Aparicio


Interior design is not unlike any other creative endeavor. In addition to producing a functional and pleasing environment, it uncovers a lot about the personalities of both the client and the designer involved in the process. Joseph Aparicio, an energetic talent who has recently emerged in Dallas, is a perfect example of how inner qualities can show themselves in creative work.

Aparicio is a comparatively young designer whose career started almost eight years ago in residential interiors. He seems to be one of those people whose energy transfers into everything he touches. When asked about personal affinities and inspirations, Aparicio hesitates for a moment. “There are so many!” he says with an endearing smile. “I draw a lot on my personal experiences, on travel and different cultures.”

Environments he creates are unique and full of personality, and they are achieved by a combination of eclectic elements—a compilation of generational family pieces, bold accessories and clean, contemporary lines. The result is always a comfortable and functional space with a strong artistic appeal.

Aparicio does not subscribe to a particular style. The best way he can describe it is transitional. Each project is a distinctly individualized presentation that draws on the tastes, experiences and affinities of his clients, mixed with a generous dollop of Aparicio’s creative magic.

However varied, Aparicio’s projects all share a common baseline. “I always start with a neutral base. It provides balance to all other elements in the room,” he says. “Then I use color to add the necessary vibrancy and energy. What color and how much color I use in each space depends on each family’s preferences and tastes.”

Aparicio is not a fan of trends. He feels trends can age and quickly appear dated. His own aesthetic tends to lean toward blues and whites. He also likes to add splashes of magenta, pink, or any other vibrant color, to give a lively pop to a room and keep the atmosphere not too serious.

In addition to his design work, Aparicio counts himself as an artist. He believes that a bold art piece can make a whole room. “There is no better way to bring color in than by using art,” he says excitedly. “It is always great to start the process knowing what the focal point will be.”

Aparicio has recently started creating original artworks that are available to his clients. His ability to translate energy into art that mirrors his clients’ personalities is unique. He also offers customized furniture and one-of-a-kind objects to fit the needs of each space.

“It is very important to me to be able to cater to all of my clients’ needs, not just interior design. Having worked as a product designer, I make a point to design and create a unique Joseph Aparicio piece for every client and every project. You may consider it my signature, so to speak,” Aparicio says with pride.

The thriving Joseph Aparicio Interiors practice is not the single focus of the talented designer, though it will continue being Aparicio’s center of attention. However, his plans for the future include many other endeavors, including the development of a lifestyle collection and plans to have his own furniture line one day.

“I intend to have a boutique to showcase and sell my products in the future. In addition, my husband and I are collaborating on renovations and resale of old houses. We intend to be a one-stop solution team that caters to every need of our clients, whether it is a beautifully renovated house, a redesigned interior space or a creative accessory that adds character to a home.”

Certainly, energy and excitement like that of Joseph Aparicio are guaranteed to lead to success. His confidence and talents are sure indications of a long and prolific career.

Tatyana Murphy is a Dallas-based creative professional, freelance writer and editor who specializes in fashion, art and design.

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