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Dallas Luxury Beds educates clients on the key components to great sleep, which starts with an all-natural luxury mattress  


SINK INTO PILLOWY SOFTNESS OR be bolstered by a firmer feel—the choice is yours at Dallas Luxury Beds—a Design District destination for world-renowned mattresses imported from overseas.

Dallas Luxury Beds’ collection of superior sleep systems includes many models of varying price points, namely from two international brands: Vispring from England and Hästens, which is manufactured in Sweden.

“These are the best mattresses in the world,” says Mary Pat Wallace, founder of Dallas Luxury Beds. “In Europe, people invest in a high-quality mattress, pillows and linens. Europeans will finance mattresses like we do with cars, because they understand that it’s the most important piece of furniture in their home and the one piece of furniture they use more than anything else.

“In America, we have more of a disposable culture. People here don’t usually think about what a difference their mattress makes in their quality of sleep. They look to other things like sleeping pills, meditation or chiropractic serivces instead of considering that the mattress could be the problem.”

Hästens’ and Vispring’s offerings range in price from an affordable several thousand dollars to one model with a showstopping six-figure price tag—the Mercedes-Maybach of mattresses. Pricier options are filled with a variety of ultra-luxe natural materials, like silk floss and alpaca or cashmere wool.

These superior mattresses demand a higher price tag because of the quality and purity of materials used. Layers upon layers of natural cotton, wool and hand-teased horsehair cushion a base of solid steel springs—an eco-friendly alternative to typical mattresses filled with petrochemical foam and latex and chemical fire retardants.

“Those chemicals are so highly toxic, fire chiefs have said the fumes from burning foam mattresses will kill their firefighters before the fire will,” Wallace relates. “Additionally, a lot of harmful by-products go into the air and water from the factories that produce typical mattresses; not to mention, when people are done with those mattresses, they go into the landfill, which is terrible for the earth. In fact, because they’re made of petrochemicals, people’s biggest complaint is that these foam and latex materials trap heat—it’s like putting yourself in a cooker at night.”

Wallace assures that all of the materials sold at Dallas Luxury Beds are safe for the earth and free of chemical flame retardants, because wool is naturally flame resistant. The steel springs can also be recycled. These earth-friendly materials are breathable and better for your body.

“Some manufacturers tell you to let their mattresses off-gas in your garage for a couple of weeks because of the chemicals,” she says. “They smell terrible and are toxic to inhale. You spend eight hours a night—a third of your life—in bed. You don’t want to be breathing in those toxins.”

Both Vispring and Hästens mattresses use the same materials and construction methods, so the choice is up to personal preference. “They’re like the Coke and Pepsi of mattresses; typically, people gravitate to one brand or the other,” she explains.

Oftentimes price point doesn’t equate to comfort level, so people shouldn’t assume that they’ll get a better night’s sleep on a more expensive model. Wallace invites clients to spend a few hours in the showroom lying on each of the beds to find their favorite.

With finishes in soft to extra firm, there’s a perfect fit for everybody. Vispring recommends following BMI guidelines for selecting mattress firmness. Those with higher BMI should opt for a firmer model to get the support they need, while those with a lower BMI are well served by a soft mattress. Couples will be glad to know that mattress firmness is one less thing that requires a compromise—each side of the bed can be customized.

The process of choosing the perfect mattress begins with the bedding experts who are on hand at Dallas Luxury Beds’ showroom to offer their guidance on not only the beds, but pillow options, mattress toppers and more.

A former interior design professional, Wallace debuted Dallas Luxury Beds’ sister company 15 years ago in Chicago to offer a solution to an industry in need of reform. “I saw these mattress manufacturers making things the same way they’ve been doing it for 75 or 100 years with the best materials and best construction methods—the old way, which is the best way,” she states.

After lying on a Hästens bed, Wallace was sold. “I could not believe how comfortable they are. It’s like slipping on that perfect pair of running shoes—I could be Forrest Gump in those shoes!” she says. “When you find the right mattress, you fall asleep faster, move around less in bed and wake up refreshed.”


Alaena Hostetter is a content strategist, editor and journalist who writes about art, design, culture, music, entertainment and food.

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