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Modshop offers multitudes of designs



The aspiration of turning one’s vision of the perfect dream home into a reality can often fall short. This is usually due to the limitations of what’s available to the dreamer—products that just don’t correspond with their ideas. This, of course, is only true to those who aren’t aware of ModShop, the furniture company that turns dream homes into reality.

Taryn and John Bernard, owners of the company and designers of all of its pieces, began their journey with ModShop 16 years ago in Los Angeles. Over time, they expanded their footprint greatly to include retail locations in Orange County, Miami, New York and Dallas, with supporting national and international manufacturing facilities. As you might guess from its name, ModShop began by replicating the ’60s Mod style. Picture the chic ’60s it-girl fashion or the popular Hollywood Regency style of interior design and you’re on the right track. Recently, the company shifted focus to a more industrial, modern aesthetic, featuring brass and rose gold products. “We try to appeal to as many people as we can,” John Bernard explains.

With multiple manufacturing options and a background inspired by fashion, the owners hold an advantage over other furniture companies in their ability to adapt to what’s trending and to produce product quickly and cost effectively. “Most furniture designers come out with two lines a year. We offer four, plus mini collections,” Bernard says. “We move with the trends on the runway, in architecture and product design. If we see something happening we get right on it and offer it immediately.”


ModShop is also a leader in the Lucite furniture industry and has a wide collection of these translucent pieces available, along with other unique products that are certainly hard to come by elsewhere. “We like to think of ourselves as trendsetters,” Taryn Bernard remarks.

Yet another aspect that sets ModShop apart from the average furnishing company is the custom design service. Whether it’s altering an item to fit a client’s liking or allowing a client to design a piece completely from scratch, ModShop ensures that its products are tailored to the customer’s every want and need. “There is nothing we cannot design,” John Bernard asserts with pride. This ability opens a whole new window of opportunity to clients, allowing them to become the designer and fulfill their personal visions.


ModShop’s work is so eclectic and unique that their products have proven to be favorites of several musicians, actors and designers. You can find ModShop pieces residing in the homes of Beyoncé, Adam Levine, Kelly Osbourne, Drew Barrymore, Ellen DeGeneres, Zac Efron, Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton, just to name a few. Although items are snatched up by these big-time celebrities, ModShop takes pride in featuring prices that are within reach of the majority of customers. “We are an affordable, on-trend company that brings high design to everyone at a price most can afford,” Taryn Bernard says.

The present success of ModShop promises a bright future. Moving forward, the Bernards hope to extend an even broader outreach, specifically to countries in Europe, and to establish the company as a resource for interior design. To accomplish this, ModShop plans to continue to produce unique pieces and to embark on bigger and bolder ideas. “The game is always on the move, and if you’re not on the move, you’re dead,” John Bernard stresses. “You have to keep evolving.”

Whether you are captivated by its diverse collections or interested in designing a piece yourself, ModShop has what it takes to make your dream home a reality.

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