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High-end, luxury outdoor furniture


In a world where it seems everyone shops for the same patio furniture at the same warehouse- driven stores, outdoor décor can be a little stale, to say the least.

What’s worse, nearly everyone has had the experience of watching a not-inexpensive piece of rattan or a seemingly durable outdoor chair crack and fade in just a few seasons, destined for the garage or the dumpster.

“Even a thousand dollars spent on stuff that ends up in the landfill is money wasted,” notes Anthony Paul, owner of Austin-based Anthony’s Patio.

He has a better plan for your outdoor space, and one that’s definitely going to set you apart from all of the identical-looking chairs, lounges and cabanas found in even the most well planned high-end patios.

Since 2003, Anthony Paul’s business has been providing a unique shopping experience focused on only the very best in durable, fashionable and distinctive patio décor, with a blend of domestic and imported furniture lines that few other retailers offer.

His company also prides itself on being 100 percent special order—a retail model that he admits does not work for many other businesses but has created a special niche that makes his company the top choice for homeowners, design experts and architects alike.

Best of all, unlike some design studios and suppliers, Anthony’s Patio is entirely open to the public. The enterprise is so successful that he’s moving from his very busy original location on Bee Cave Road in Westlake to a new spot 5 miles north of downtown Austin in the rapidly changing Burnet Road area.


“You can compare what we do to a high-end auto sales company, only we are a bespoke outdoor furniture retailer,” he says. “We custom tailor a solution for our clients similar to the way high-end European auto manufacturers offer complete customization. We’re also the only dealer that can offer custom fabrication as well as pool beds, dining tables, coffee tables and much more.”

Anthony’s Patio offers a wide selection of contemporary choices from much-desired manufacturers such as Brown Jordan, Dedon and Janus et Cie—each of them the Range Rover of well-built, long-lasting and imminently stylish modern patio wares.

The vast majority of the products offered are commercial grade, which means they’re used in the finest hotels and resorts worldwide and provide a level of quality and service life you cannot get from other manufacturers.

All of that also means better warranties, Anthony Paul notes, and products that won’t simply end up in the recycling bin after a few years in the sun.

“The majority of our core product lines offer European designs and inspiration or are actually imported from Europe,” he notes. “You’re not going to find any mass-produced, low-quality stuff here. People always come in and ask, ‘Is this stuff actually outdoor furniture?’”

That collection of high-end content means that homeowners have the chance to sample the look and feel of an extremely broad range of designer-quality options.

“Inherently, we end up selling to the trade, as most of our customers have home designers doing this work for them, but we’re also entirely retail,” Anthony Paul says. “A visit to a trade showroom can be very intimidating. We make every effort to make the process simple, easy and fun for our trade clients and homeowners alike.”

Andy Stonehouseis a writer and editor based in Boulder, Colorado. He can be reached at

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