PETER Toth is a photographer and mixed-media artist who practices photo impressionism, in which images are layered and manipulated to resemble an impressionist painting.

The photographer moved to the Dallas area from northern Virginia in 2017 and shows by appointment in his home studio. He has exhibited internationally and does commissions for residential and commercial projects alike. The acclaimed photographer has been described by the art community as breaking new ground in the realm of photography. “I also call it photography through the eyes of a painter,” he says. “What I want to do is create the essence of a scene more than the actual scene at that moment. I want to capture its soul. It’s more timeless that way, more emotionally connecting.”

Toth’s mixed media is an evolution to his photo impressionism. Currently, he is working on Faces of Humanity, a new series featuring people of different cultures. “The message is that as different as we are, we’re all still the same,” he says.


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