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Reza’s Rug N More offers fine rugs at a fine price



Unlike most businesses where the owners have bought into an existing rug or carpet shop, Reza Seif, owner of Reza’s Rug N More, earned his place in the industry through more than 28 years of education, training and devotion to the art form. During that time, he has traveled the world searching for the right pieces to add to his store’s collection and has become a sought after consultant to many families looking to invest in fine rugs.

Seif’s deep knowledge has enabled his clients to make informed purchases knowing that they have a person they can turn to with any question. At his Plano location, on Preston Road just south of 121, buyers can choose from over 8,000 hand-knotted, hand-tufted or machine-made rugs. The rugs range in price from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. This price range allows Seif to service a large clientele. From the entry level buyer to the seasoned collector, everyone is welcome at his shop.

Sitting down with each client is always the first step with Seif. “We ask a lot of questions and will even make home visits,” he explains. “This openness with our clients allows for an equal flow of dialogue. It is through this dialogue with our clients that we get to know them and can make better recommendations. We learn so much from this process: the type of rug they like, colors, design and even the amount of traffic the rug will see. This is how we ensure that the right rug goes home with the right client. Only when we are sure they understand the depth of their purchase do we truly feel satisfied with our sale.”

Along with helping to purchase a rug, Reza’s also offers repair and cleaning services. These additional benefits make for long-term clients.

For Seif, each client provides a new opportunity to introduce someone to the art form he has spent his life studying and promoting.



All of this experience is easy to understand once you know Seif’s story. He is a third generation rug dealer, trained and educated in the field by his grandfather. These teachings didn’t come easy. Seif worked in his grandfather’s shop starting at the age of 18. His grandfather taught him how to appreciate the history but also taught him about hard work, honesty and integrity. How was this done? “By doing every job in the shop,” Seif remembers. “From sweeping to selling, from carrying rugs to a buyer’s home to learning the art of repairing rugs, I held every position there was to hold.”

Seif continues: “I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with my grandfather. He taught me so many things about the history, design, construction and care that go into each rug. In one word, he taught me about tradition. I am grateful for everything he did for me.”

It is this devotion to his mentor that sets Seif apart from other shop owners. This is his life not just a business venture.

While his training took place thousands of miles away, Dallas is where Seif and his family call home. For added convenience, a second location of Reza’s Rug N More is set to open in Frisco the first quarter of 2017.

Rick Villa is a Dallas-based freelance writer. He can be reached at

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