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Best Cheer Stone provides one-of-a-kind, consumer-direct materials


The quest for the finest building materials available often involves a middleman—which is great if you’re the middleman, but not always so desirable if you’re a customer who simply wants high-quality stone and doesn’t want to spend a lot of time working with a go-between.

Such is the secret of success for Best Cheer Stone, whose five U.S. locations—including a new sales warehouse in Farmers Branch, Texas—offer worldclass quartz, granite and marble slabs and pre-built countertops, plus kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, and it sells directly to consumers. No big box store or anonymous catalog, no retailers or distributors, just an efficient pipeline to beautiful, specialized natural and prefabricated stone products.

What’s more, as the company creates its own stonework, including a range of African granites and marbles absolutely unique to the American market, even the pickiest of customers will be able to find and customize materials ideal for a dream kitchen or bathroom. There are also plenty of choices for outdoor BBQ areas, plus tiles and mosaics and even landscaping details, all in one centralized location.

Bill Gaynor, national sales manager for the Chinese-based company’s U.S. operations, says the arrangement works for those who know what they want and are interested in containing project costs.

“Quite simply, there’s no middleman and none of the layers of markups that traditional distributors have,” Gaynor explains. “Our Dallas operation is an entirely turnkey, one-stop solution for people seeking countertops and cabinets.”

Best Cheer was established in 1994 and manufactures its own stone products at a network of 25 quarries and 12 factories around the globe.

Its credentials speak for themselves: Best Cheer Stone products have been used in projects such as upgrades to India’s historic Taj Mahal and in construction of the high-end Wynn Hotels and Casinos in Las Vegas, as well as the Asian gambling colony of Macau, near Hong Kong.

The company entered the U.S. market in 2003 with the purchase of a North Carolina quarry and now boasts a network of five American retail locations.

With stores in Southern California and Georgia covering both coasts, the company’s Dallas-area operation provides an excellent opportunity for designers, fabricators and installers to have direct access to exceptional materials.

“The company saw Dallas as one of the biggest markets in the world for growth, especially with reconstruction projects and major developments,” Gaynor says. “Our customers include a lot of builders and tract projects, and some multifamily projects as well.”

Best Cheer’s international footprint means direct access to a range of one-of-a-kind materials, most notably a dozen different Namibian-quarried African granites and other stones that are proprietary to the company.

The company’s trademark product, Namib Fantasy, is a natural white marble with nonporous qualities that rival granite, providing a customized countertop or vanity finish unlike anything else on the market. The African stone products are comparable to Brazilian exotics, with a wide range of colors and natural patterns ideal for custom home work.

And, as customers have become increasingly aware of the global impact of their building materials and the people who create them, Gaynor says Best Cheer has paid special attention to the well-being of its African workers. “Each purchase of a Namib Fantasy product literally feeds a family in Africa—the company has a big charitable side,” he says.

Other products, such as the North Carolina-sourced Solar White granite, are also unique to the industry, and the Dallas Best Cheer Stone retail location offers a bewildering array of exclusive materials, including leather-finished stone.

The company’s quartz products, available in both subtle classic finishes and wildly exotic, metal-infused colors, are bacteria- and fade-resistant, and polished to prevent stains and scratches. Like many of Best Cheer’s other products, they also come with a 15-year limited warranty.

Best Cheer’s direct approach and its impressive inventory has earned the company a growing fan base in the design community, with products and prices that have become very desirable.

Andy Stonehouse is a writer and editor based in Greeley, Colorado. He can be reached at

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