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Dallas company brings flexibility and color to the work space


Collaboration and inspiration are the catchwords of today’s work environment. A leader in delivering that culture is Elevation Concepts.

Defined by versatility and color, desks and tables from the Dallas company are designed to maximize flexibility and energy in the modern workplace. Employees work while standing at their desks, which are made with furniture-grade glass that is offered in a wide variety of colors. Collaborative groups discuss projects and make notes on the writable surface.

“It creates a collaborative work space and improves productivity. You have an idea, and you write it down on the glass,” says Scott Newman, founder and CEO of Elevation Concepts.

The company’s desks and tables are an industry innovation that provide transformative space and design flexibility. Glass tops float effortlessly on height-adjustable columns. Surfaces are constructed of a proprietary glass suitable for marking with a dry-erase pen or highlighter.

“It’s a modern product, super functional and very sleek,” Newman says.

Driven by the trend in open work spaces that support a range of employee activities, Newman designed the desks and tables for movement and transition. Employees have the option to sit or stand while using a computer or having a collaborative discussion.

“Standing is better for you. Companies are investing in employee wellness. It’s a huge cost reduction to companies to have healthy employees and improved productivity,” says Newman.

The furniture can be raised or lowered with the simple touch of a remote control or by a smartphone app. A cable management system hides power, data and USB cords below the work surface.

“We’ve created something that’s more like a piece of high-end furniture. The cable management system provides a cleaner workspace by eliminating excessive cords. We also offer a lithium battery solution, which eliminates cords altogether,” Newman says.

Tables and desks are constructed of environmentally friendly materials sourced and constructed in the United States. The dry-erase glass maintains a low carbon footprint and the desk produces only .01 watts of electricity when on standby mode.

Furniture from Elevation Concepts brings function and beauty to your work space. Companies and individuals can customize desks and tables to create a canvas for personal expression through custom color, logos and custom images.

Glass surfaces are available in 150 standard colors or custom hues to coordinate with company brand colors. Each piece can be ordered with a company logo. Support columns are powder coated in a coordinating color. “We can offer any color of the rainbow,” Newman says.

When meetings are over, inspirational ideas, graphics and meeting notes made on the nonstaining glass tops are easily removed with glass cleaner. All furniture pieces meet Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association standards for comfort, safety and durability.

“It’s best in class. We pay very close attention to detail,” says Newman.

At Elevation Concepts, desks are just the beginning. A broad range of table sizes and shapes are available to meet the needs of every area of an office. Conference tables and break tables in custom sizes can also be ordered. “We can source and deliver turnkey office solutions,” Newman says.

In addition to office interiors, interior designers looking for the perfect solution for a modern home will find the answer at Elevation Concepts. Whether a homeowner seeks an elegant contemporary dining table, colorful kitchen table or worktable for a child’s room, the concept can be found at Elevation Concepts.

Nancy Baldwin is a Dallas-based freelance writer and editor. Contact her at

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