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Art options on offer at Wall Gallery


It is rare in life that we are introduced to something unique, something special that welcomes and improves us. Found in these rarities are the experiences that we never forget—like visiting Wall Gallery.

Set back privately off Dragon Street in the Dallas Design District, Kristi Kirkpatrick’s space welcomes you into its secluded 1,500-square-foot courtyard, surrounded by a lush bamboo screen, and through stunning floor-to-ceiling glass doors into the 2,000-square-foot modern, industrial-designed gallery—a peaceful sanctuary where ideas are shared, life is experienced and people fall in love with art.

As an art collector, Kirkpatrick was elated when she stumbled upon the building of her dreams and knew immediately she had to make it her own. “This is the loveliest gallery space on Dragon Street,” she enthuses.


Kirkpatrick accepts art submissions from all over the world. The gallery represents about 16 artists at any given time. “At Wall Gallery, we represent experienced artists who maintain integrity and quality as well as mind-blowing aesthetic in their works,” she asserts.

Thanks to her distinctive “no rules apply” approach to curating art, collectors can experience a wide variety of genres, from collage work, pop art, photography and oil on canvas to mixed media, jewelry, sculpture and more; there’s something for everyone and every taste. Wall Gallery showcases the stunning work of local artists Jonathon Kimbrell and Cynthia Chartier as well as internationally known artists Carle Shi and Didier Caudron to name just a few.


On any given visit to the inviting space, one may experience large-scale sculptures alongside abstract, multi-dimensional swirls of color on canvas and stunning high-resolution aerial images of Earth. A visit to Wall Gallery is a visit to a school of art showcasing so many styles and mediums that one feels enriched by having simply entered the space.


“If an artist’s work speaks to me, then I am motivated to show it to clients,” says Kirkpatrick.

She believes that buying art is all about building a connection with artists and their work. It is her mission to make art buying as nonintimidating as possible. She makes sure to listen and understand the buyer’s goals and focus in order to connect the right piece to their space. Kirkpatrick believes that art should be obtainable for everyone, whether it is a first-time buyer or a seasoned collector. “There are no rules in art collecting and no rules in knowing what you like,” she says.


Wall Gallery offers numerous art exhibitions throughout the year, bringing art collectors, designers and aspiring collectors the most current series of contemporary art by the gallery’s established group of artists.

Wall Gallery is quickly proving to be not only one of the city’s most up-and-coming, stellar locations for showcasing art but also a desirable venue for special events, weddings, charity galas and intimate soirees. This is due, in part, to the winning combination of the gallery’s design and Kirkpatrick’s emphasis on personalized relationships.

As with every aspect of her business, Kirkpatrick has also been known to go above and beyond for her brides and grooms. She volunteers to help produce the big day and stays involved in the smallest details to help ensure her clients enjoy their event surrounded by love, community, and the raw and appealing beauty of art.

To get connected and explore the gallery community, be sure to mark your calendar for Wall Gallery’s next art show on September 10. Art is for all and Wall Gallery is here to expand our horizons.

Jenn Moss Mazur is a freelance writer based in Dallas.

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