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iHomeRegistry brings designer’s clients 3-D rendering, inspiration and more


It’s no secret that the interior design industry is a tight-knit community. From trade shows to social media, interior design professionals are constantly seeking ways not only to showcase their portfolios and exchange new ideas, but to find the right type of client who is willing to pay for their expertise.

Networking plays a huge role in this, which is perhaps why so many interior designers are joining iHomeRegistry, a web application founded in 2016 that connects homeowners to interior designers, offers a 3-D rendering platform, is a resource for design inspiration, and a whole lot more.

With nearly 8,000 sign-ups and 70,000 users, iHomeRegistry helps match homeowners looking to design, decorate or remodel their home with interior designers based on style, taste, preferences, etc. Designers are invited to create an individual profile, allowing them to showcase their portfolio, upload photos and explain their business model. Homeowners can then view these profiles from the Inspiration Board, a page showcasing the work of all registered designers, organized by room; they can also search individual designers by zip code. “

Our aim is to help designers grow their businesses,” explains Patrick Daniels, iHomeRegistry’s president and founder. “We want to connect them not just to any client, but to the right client, and we do that through our personalized matchmaking service that takes into account the homeowner’s preferences, in addition to the interior designer’s style and expertise.”

More than just a pairing service, however, iHomeRegistry also serves as a networking community for designers, fostering a supportive and encouraging online environment.

“Each week, we feature one of our designers on our blog through a Q&A in what has come to be known as iHomeRegistry’s ‘Designer Spotlight Series,’” says Daniels. “We also do ‘Designer Fridays’ on Instagram, where our followers have the opportunity to ask the featured designer of the week any question they want. We get a great dialogue going!”

He continues, “We really want our designers and users to know that we’re here for them, that we’re not just a faceless company but are very much invested in their success.”

“We have been using iHomeRegistry now for about a year and I don’t go a week without talking to someone on their team,” says Morgan Molitor, founder and owner of Construction2Style, a Minneapolisbased husband and wife home renovation, interior styling and blogging team. “It’s pretty cool that whether we have a question or need design assistance they are there to help—and always pick up the phone.”

Construction2Style specializes in full home residential remodeling, new construction, carpentry and custom-built furniture designs. While they utilize iHomeRegistry for their design inspiration, their favorite aspect is the 3-D rendering software that they use for their design planning.

“Clients always love to visualize their space and how it will look, exactly, once we get done with their remodel, down to the final selections we choose,” explains Molitor. “So it’s nice to be able to have a platform that can do just that.”

Indeed, iHomeRegistry takes the burden off designers when they are overloaded with work by helping them put their design plans together.

“They have a team of interior designers, so all we need to do is send over the floor plan dimensions, our intent for the space and their team gets to work,” says Molitor. “It’s pretty cool that with very little detail from us, and from across the United States, they are able to help us with every aspect of our design planning needs.”

Daniels says he is thrilled by the momentum they’ve been gaining over the past year and has plans for continued growth and expansion. “We have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline that I can’t wait to share with our users,” he says. “We’ve already integrated a lot of feedback we’ve received and are really trying to provide an all-encompassing platform for any and every design need.”

Katharine Rose is a content writer. View her work at, a blog dedicated to thoughtful, meaningful and deliberate living.

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