Designer’s Patio offers the perfect patio


In a climate as temperate as Texas’, not a month goes by without some sort of opportunity to escape to the outdoors. From catching sun in the hot summer months to defrosting by a fire pit in February, outdoors is always the place to be. Dallas’ Designer’s Patio knows that better than anyone, and is a Dallas Market Center must-visit that houses the perfect furniture to create opulent outdoor spaces.

The family-owned and -operated showroom, which has been in business for more than 24 years, is unlike any other showroom in the area. As the exclusive dealer for the hottest outdoor furniture manufacturers, Designer’s Patio specializes in working exclusively with designers and architects to bring their clients’ visions to life through customized furniture and hard-to-find patio pieces.

“We work with the best manufacturers in the world to offer cutting-edge styles and selections for our customers,” Geneva Switzer, Designer’s Patio executive vice president, says. “All of our furniture is customizable, from the finish color to the fabric. We love getting to work with factories like OW Lee, Castelle, Brown Jordan, and many more, to help complete our projects.”

Like other segments of the design industry, the outdoor furniture world, once dominated by concrete furniture, has undergone quite the metamorphosis. Luxury outdoor furniture designers are now continually pushing the envelope, concocting trends that allow for a home’s outdoor space to be a centerpiece, not an afterthought.

“The industry has really transformed. Now we have the ability to make furniture that is even more comfortable than indoor furniture,” Switzer says. “Each year our showroom has grown with the industry, as designers get more and more into the custom design of the outdoor space for their client’s homes.”

Considering that Designer’s Patio is only open to designers, homebuilders and other hospitality applications, the showroom’s team has had decades of experience with regards to project management and collaboration. With an impressive portfolio of projects, Designer’s Patio has helped transform both commercial and residential spaces.

Switzer estimates that a typical project takes eight weeks to complete and usually begins when a designer visits the showroom with their client. From there, Switzer and her team iron out project specifics to pass along to furniture manufacturers for custom furniture creation.

“We really specialize in custom outdoor furniture, but we’ve recently made available a few pieces that a client can take out of our showroom and have ready for the weekend,” Switzer says. “Our two full-time outdoor sales team members are usually working on five to ten projects at a time and are experts on all things outdoor.”

When it comes to the showroom’s selection, you’ll be hardpressed to find area offerings that compare. From outdoor living room sets to 10-person dining tables, Designer’s Patio has everything you might need to take your backyard from conventional to conversational. Furthermore, the showroom’s customer service makes installation a breeze.

“There just aren’t very many outdoor-only showrooms in the area, but we still strive to set ourselves apart by providing in-home consultations, nationwide white glove delivery and, of course, the best selection of furniture,” Switzer says.

As its portfolio of products expands (the showroom is currently working with 18 manufacturers, a list that Switzer says is “always growing”), the opportunity to create a truly unique outdoor space is better than ever.

As the long summer begins to take shape, perhaps it’s time to take a second look at your backyard. After all, in a city with 232 days of sunshine per year, why wouldn’t you invest in a customized outdoor space?

Chase Wade is a Texas-based freelance writer. Read more of his work at

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