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Reflection Mirror & Glass brings interior excellence to Texas


Reflections unearth indisputable truths and realities. In the mirror, against water or lost in the depths of nostalgic thought, they invite you to see things for what they really are. True to name, Texas-based company Reflection Mirror & Glass operates with the same basic principle—what you see is surely what you will get.

For over 30 years now, Reflection Mirror & Glass has served the North Dallas interior design industry with a wide range of custom glass and mirror designs. The family-owned business boasts a wide array of both residential and commercial services and products, including exquisite shower doors and elegantly framed mirrors.

When the Langford family first opened the doors of the company to the public in 1972, they promised to build their business off one simple yet fundamental idea: You only become the best by providing the best. Just a father-son duo working out of a small warehouse, they successfully built their operation from the ground up by expecting only the highest quality of work and service from themselves. “Our competition is ourselves,” says Shane Langford, president. “We set Reflection Mirror & Glass apart by only comparing ourselves to the work we know we can do.”

This enthusiastic approach has catapulted Reflection Mirror & Glass to the top of its industry. The company takes great pride in its guarantee to deliver genuine perfection in craftsmanship and complete satisfaction in customer service to every one of its clients. Reflection Mirror & Glass not only believes in custom tailoring every interior design to its client’s needs, but also understands the importance of personalizing the customer experience.

Every step in the design, creation and installation process is customized to the homeowner’s vision. From the very first on-site consult to the very last day of installation, customers take comfort in knowing that Reflection Mirror & Glass is ready and able to include them. What’s more, as a locally owned business, the company focuses its attention exclusively on the North Texas area, even further reinforcing its commitment to bringing your vision to life. “At the end of the day, it’s someone’s home,” says Langford.

Even after decades of expansion, the company still stands true to its original mantra. Reflection Mirror & Glass caters to the interior design needs of North Dallas with integrity, novelty and passion, and its ever-expanding client base can attest to that. From the twoman operation it began as to the top-notch team of glaziers that now caters to the entire North Dallas area, Reflection Mirror & Glass has surely proved that decades of knowledge and experience make them the most qualified industry experts of in-house glass design and installation.

For the Langford family, loyalty is a two-way street. Reflection Mirror & Glass’ highly trained team assesses, designs and executes each new project with the same attention to detail and precision as the last. Even with homeowners who have made the company their go-to glazier time and time again, Reflection Mirror & Glass does not take a single project for granted. With their ability to retain new clients as well as maintain decades-long relationships with old clients, it is obvious that the residents of North Dallas have come to recognize the company’s dedication to service. Langford says, “Some of the clients I have are the sons and grandsons of clients my grandfather and father worked with.”

Reflections provide authenticity and honesty. At Reflection Mirror & Glass, you are guaranteed just that—no cut corners or hidden agendas, simply tailor- made, superior work and fine craftsmanship, and confidence in knowing exactly what you are in store for.

Joanne Xu is a freelance writer and blogger living in Austin, Texas.

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