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Ellen S. Holt adds the finishing touch


There is no denying that a beautiful piece of fabric makes all the difference in a home décor project, but the finishing touch is what makes it truly special and unique. Whether it is a collection of pillows or a home full of draperies, trimming the edges will add a little something worthy of a second look.

Ellen Holt, founder and owner of Ellen S. Holt, Inc., located in Dallas, began weaving with a handheld loom in 1970. She quickly grew to love it and later, with aspirations of creating unique fabrics, joined the home interiors industry. Fourteen years after learning her craft, she opened her doors for business in 1984. “I wanted to offer custom-designed, handwoven fabrics with a minimum quantity of 12 yards,” explains Holt. After a year of hard work weaving and marketing fabrics, Holt discovered her true passion and devoted her company solely to the production of high-quality, custom decorative trimmings.

Recognized nationally as the leading designer and producer of handwoven fringe and tassels for residential interiors, the studio has expanded to a wholesale only showroom, representing a number of fabric lines and drapery hardware companies and offering stock trimmings as well as handwoven custom trimmings. Holt also recently added a drapery and bedding workroom. Many of the company’s products are shipped world-wide. “I most recently designed, created and shipped trimmings to Dubai for an overthe- top, exquisitely designed and draped wedding bed for a bride and groom,” Holt says.



“Our firm also produces replicas of historical trimmings. We’ve done tassels and trimmings for Mount Vernon, George Washington’s family home, and provided the custom hardware and window treatments for the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas,” Holt proudly states. Other prestigious projects completed by the company that are worthy of noting include passementeries (the French term for decorative trimming, such as tassels, braids and fringing used on furniture or clothing) for the home of Abraham Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois, and Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson. Holt also designed and created trimmings and tassels for the Governor’s private office in the Texas State Capitol building as well as the Supreme Court Chamber and the Senate Chamber.

The use of computer-aided looms combined with traditional handweaving skills have allowed Holt’s company the rare capability of preserving old-world designs that are manufactured with the highest level of quality and sound structure. Integrity of design goes into every project and the spirit of richness is evident in each piece.

By manufacturing all of the custom trimmings in the studio, the company is able to control and maintain the superior grade of their products. This proves to be challenging at times, but the company stands firm in ensuring that sacrifices are never made and satisfaction is always attained.

The showroom is a beautiful, expansive space filled with a vast array of stock trimmings, drapery, hardware and fabric. While the company works with the trade only, if you have a vision and need your home interior dream brought to life, pay a visit to Ellen Holt in the heart of the Dallas Design District. Her small, intimate team treats every designer as if they are their only client.

“We aren’t a large firm, but I like that,” Holt says. This speaks volumes to her desire for attention to detail and love for her business. It allows for personal attention and meticulousness on each and every project.

Quality extends far beyond the trimmings. Holt believes in quality of service and genuine relationships that exceed expectations time and time again. She possesses the ability to connect her talent with someone else’s idea, forming a lasting bond and creating beautiful works of decorative art for the home.

Courtney Jackson is a journalist and short story author. She is also a volunteer with the Miss America Organization.

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