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Exclusive designs and high quality make mirrella tile shine


Nestled in an unassuming commercial development off Central Expressway in Allen, the glistening new showroom of Mirrella Tile feels like a calming sanctuary. Gleaming white porcelain floor tiles resemble slabs of the finest marble and reflect the natural light streaming in from a wall of windows. Neatly arrayed displays showcase the company’s exclusive high-end tile designs and handcrafted bathroom vanities while leaving ample space for exploring. The overall environment is serene and welcoming, which is exactly what the owners intended when they moved the business from its original Richardson location to its new headquarters north of the metroplex this past summer.

“Our main focus is wholesaling, but recently we decided to open to the public, as well,” says president and co-owner Reza Naderi, leaning back in a white leather chair at a high marble table where visitors are invited to gather. “Now we are selling to designers and builders across the country,” adds Naderi, noting that Mirrella ships both nationwide and overseas.

Naderi earned an architectural engineering degree from The University of Texas at Arlington and works closely with the company’s design team to conceive new products. Mirrella sources materials from around the globe, including Italy, Spain, Morocco and Turkey, and goes to great lengths to ensure that its premier glass, stone, metal and porcelain tiles meet the highest standards of quality.

“Designing a tile, especially this kind of decorative tile, takes four to six months,” explains Naderi. “Most of the tiles that we have we design from scratch, and we make them.” He notes that Mirrella can compete with larger manufacturers because it oversees the entire manufacturing process, from beginning to end.

Among the manufacturer’s most popular products is the Hexa Collection, which features interlocking hexagonal and quadrilateral glass and aluminum and comes in shades from super white and light gray to dark gray and brown. Buyers on the East Coast prefer the more contemporary color palette, notes Naderi, while those in the South lean toward traditional tones. The waterproof and rustproof features of the glass and aluminum design also make the Hexa Collection well suited for a variety of uses, from backsplashes and countertops to swimming pools and tub surrounds.

In addition to coming up with the design concept for new tiles, Mirrella will make samples and examine issues like safety, shipping, packaging and ease of installation before adding a tile to its offerings. The result is a stunning portfolio of nearly 100 different products and variants, housed in a space adjacent the company’s 2300-squarefoot showroom. Mirrella also keeps additional inventory in third-party warehouses across the country to reduce shipping costs to its clients.

“We also just started carrying vanities, which we import,” says Naderi, gesturing to a corner display with a modern wood vanity in light gray next to a white acrylic freestanding tub. Other vanity designs are more traditional and feature white or black marble countertops seated on an ornate handcarved base. Mirrella offers tiles that appeal to homeowners’ varying tastes, although most of the company’s designs are more contemporary.

“We have glass and stone together, glass and stainless steel or metal together. We have hand-painted ceramic and porcelain tiles and marble,” says Naderi. “People are leaning toward simple designs, not so busy.”

The owners of Mirrella are considering opening a second showroom in the Dallas Design District in 2019. In the meantime, Naderi encourages designers to visit the new space in Allen, adding that they are welcome to stay and talk with their clients at length. He is quick to offer guests a beverage along with free tile samples while also giving them plenty of space to explore design ideas. For those working on a new project, the serene environment of Mirrella’s showroom combined with Naderi’s gift of hospitality make the jaunt to the north end of the metroplex well worth the trip.

Leslie J. Thompson is a Dallas-based freelance writer with a passion for interior design and international travel.

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