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Del Francis Jewelry sets hearts alight when it sets stones


A first anniversary. A milestone achievement. A declaration of love. As far back in recorded history as you can search, humans have used the gift of jewelry to express passionate emotions and celebrate monumental occasions. Each time you glance at a stone’s beauty, admiring the flickers of light reflected off its brilliant, polished face, you reminisce about the people dearest to your heart. Behind the precise design and intricate craftsmanship of fine jewelry lies the most priceless possession of all: the immortalization of times past, of relationships cherished and of memories beloved.

This is the essence that Del Francis Jewelry strives to instill into each one of its handmade pieces. Since its founding, husband and wife duo Stacy and Del Francis have each made it their life’s mission to deliver truly one-of-a-kind creations, each complete with its own love story. The pair works from a Dallas-based studio, where the Del Francis Jewelry team nurtures every client’s vision to life. Del Francis Jewelry empowers individuals with the intangible, irreplaceable opportunity to freeze a single moment in time forever.

The tale of Del Francis Jewelry’s conception alone is enough for any romantic to fall head over heels. Stacy Francis uncovered the first glimmers of her intrigue for fine jewelry back in her childhood days, where many afternoons were spent combing through her grandmother’s jewelry box treasures. Through pendants and necklaces and gems, she says, Stacy connected and formed memories of her beloved grandmother.

As the Francis duo fell deeper in love, so did their passion for helping others express their own stories. After realizing that the artistry of fine jewelry lies in both the physical quality and emotional backstory of a piece, Del Francis Jewelry came to fruition. “I’m obviously a romantic,” says Stacy Francis. “I wanted to wear a piece of jewelry that evoked feelings in my soul when I first saw it. I wanted it to love me—this is truly how I view everything.”

Del Francis Jewelry caters to clientele nationwide, priding itself on its commitment to breathing raw, intimate and compassionate life into each piece. Every detail, down to the means of delivery, possesses a personal touch of affection, as both Stacy and Del Francis stay actively involved in all aspects of the crafting process to ensure exceptional quality. The words “preset” and “premade” are not in their vocabulary; no vision is too farfetched and no request is too difficult. “Send us a sketch on a napkin and we will make it happen,” Francis says.

Del Francis Jewelry transforms cold metals and natural gems into touching moments of passion—and it is no wonder why. Each piece embodies a true affair of the heart, mind, body and soul. All of “Del’s” designs can be crafted in 18-karat white, yellow or rose gold or 950 platinum. The company also takes special requests for Del’s designs to be crafted in 10-karat and 14-karat gold or sterling silver.

“All of our jewelry is made upon order, because I want our client to have a connection with the piece,” Francis says. “They are personally thought of, and every person involved in the process refers to them by name, not by an order number. That’s very important to me. I want the client to feel valued, to feel like they are being treated extra special, to feel like they are being treated with priority above all else, because they are.”

Francis claims her inspiration is drawn from her own love story. She says: “When I’m creating, it feels like a dance with my husband or a kiss on the neck when he comes into the studio. It is not something one can adequately vocalize; it is the overwhelming gush of endearment felt as your lover fastens the clasp behind your neck. It is hearing your heart sing as the ribbon around that dainty, precious box slips away. It is the rush of adoration as you are reminded how wonderful it is to love and be loved.”

In the simplest of words, it is pure joy.

Joanne Xu is a part-time freelance writer and blogger living in Austin, Texas.

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