Summer reading lists began with the assigned reading from high school teachers, forcing students to spend their days engrossed in pages of classic novels. While Adriana Hoyos’ A Passion for Design is not a book you would read poolside or at the beach, this is most definitely a book that every designer and artist should spend time with.

Nearly 300 pages of stunning photography capture the impeccable work of Hoyos’ design. Most pages and spreads offer full bleed, borderless views of interiors for residential and commercial work. There is also a wonderful chapter covering Hoyos’ furniture design process and her collections, all captured in amazing photography.

Hoyos is one of the leading international figures in contemporary interior design. Her work crosses borders and can be found in Latin America, the United States and around the world. The popularity of her furniture design allowed her to open a design studio in Miami and furniture showrooms in the Dallas Design District, Dania Beach and in Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile and Peru.

Born in Colombia and raised in Ecuador, Hoyos’ design aesthetic is deeply rooted in Latin American style and is also influenced by her extensive travel. But, her work transcends borders and is rich in familiar tone and style to other classic design standards, such as Prairie School and Craftsman, while retaining its own unique and luxurious form. Her furniture collections would fit as naturally in a New York loft as they would in a beachfront tropical home.

For any student or lover of design, and certainly for anyone looking for inspiration, A Passion for Design is one book that should find its place in your library. adrianahoyos.com, 214-613-4149

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