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Designer Kay Genua has a deep appreciation for antiques. She even spent her college graduation money on antique furniture. “I still work at that
For interior designers like Christina Garcia Lysaught with Layered Dimensions, breaking out of her comfort zone when designing a home is nothing unusual—she thrives
It’s clear from looking at Mital Patel’s photography that he has an incredible eye and a unique sense of perspective. Patel captures his subjects
The University of Texas at Dallas’ center for BrainHealth may seem an unlikely venue for world-class art. But the research institute is home to
With an indubitable reputation for creating one-of-a-kind custom lighting fixtures, Dallas-based Pettigrew Luxury Furnishings has a reputation as a preferred partner of designers, builders
Thirty-three years ago, Barbara and David Kittrell and their partner, Michael Riffkind, established the Kittrell/Riffkind Art Glass Gallery in North Dallas. Michael Riffkind retired
With a massive 16,000-square-foot showroom and a roster of 250 artists working in diverse mediums and styles, Southwest Gallery has served as an artistic
There are many moving parts when building a new home, especially one of grand design, and sometimes compromises are necessary. Twelve years ago, interior