Monica Wilcox was no stranger to deadline pressure from her client. The first time they worked together six years ago, he knew exactly what
When interior designer Kay Genua suggested hot pink leather chairs for her client’s living room, he said, “I love it!” And just like that,
When designing a room, the last thing that Gene Kerns and Dean Warden want you to do is select a cookie-cutter look from a
There was never a question, even from childhood, that Michelle Sakhai would make her living as an artist. “Art has been my life since
Once upon a time, hosts were tucked away in the kitchen, preparing food and drink while their guests enjoyed conversation and laughter in the
All kitchen equipment is not created equal—just ask Eric Neel, owner and president of The Jarrell Company, a luxury appliance dealership based in University
Anchored by main street, grapevine’s historic district is a destination full of food, art, shopping and entertainment, and Holder Dane Gallery & Art Studios
Seasoned travelers know big cities often hide their best eateries in quiet neighborhoods or nondescript strip centers. Such is the case with Salum Restaurant,
Nestled into a wooded lot near Celina, Texas, this new-construction home is designed to embrace nature, family and life’s simple joys. Interior designer Stephanie
Just 25 miles from Dallas, Midlothian is a rapidly growing, not-so-well-kept secret. With an innovative and successful school district, traditions such as seasonal festivals