Fine art photographer Mital Patel also could be called a professional international traveler, having visited more than 200 cities in 40 countries, spanning 18
A LOVER and collector of fine art and beautiful objects, Jill Sertsoz’s passionate advocacy for the talents of gifted artists served as the impetus
PRIMARILY a self-taught artist, Ginger Fox started her professional career in the design industry, working on a variety of projects that challenged her to use
LOCATED near the shops of The Galleria, Southwest Gallery offers Dallas’ largest collection of fine 19th- to 21st-century paintings and sculptures. Celebrating more than 50
Christopher Martin Gallery of Dallas and Aspen has created the perfect atmosphere to present the reverse-glass paintings and limited editions of Aspen-based American artist
While most people think of diamonds and other similar stones as gems, there are other more unusual minerals that also fall under the classification.
Profound and philosophical, the Yakes Collection of art conveys visual messaging. Collecting art is akin to breathing for Dr. Wayne Yakes. Life-giving and enhancing,
Artist Karen Hewitt Hagan follows her heart to new horizons. Artist and gallery owner karen hewitt hagan has a philosophy: You don’t have to
Artist Ginger Fox was born and raised in the Panhandle region of West Texas. Primarily a self-taught artist, Fox started her professional career as