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The first Envision Arts exhibits international artists


Ginger Cochran is no stranger to art exhibits. For years, she collaborated with various organizations to direct and curate art shows around Dallas as well as Austin, Houston, Las Vegas and Phoenix. After a year hiatus, where she focused on her own painting and creative endeavors, Cochran decided she was ready to jump back into the world of art exhibits, so she founded and now directs Envision Arts.

The mission statement for Envision Arts, as per its website, is: “To provide avenues to showcase and share creative artworks of many mediums and art styles.” To fulfill this mandate, Cochran provides several opportunities for emerging artists, as well as established artists, to exhibit their works both in person and online, broaden their professional network, connect with other artists and creatives, become published both online and in print, and build relationships with potential clients, collectors and industry leaders, such as gallery directors and curators.

The first of such opportunities was the Fervor art exhibit held in January at the Lincoln Experience Center at the Dallas Star. Just steps away from the Dallas Cowboys headquarters, the luxury car dealership offers a plush venue that Cochran used to exhibit work of emerging artists from Texas and around the world, with submissions arriving from China, Paris, Hungary, Pakistan and more.

Artworks of many disciplines were included in the show, including photography, graphite sketches, collage, sculpture and various styles of paintings, such as inks, oils, acrylics and mixed media. Over 40 artists were included, with over 100 works of art on display either in person or digitally on a wall-size monitor for those artists who could not make the event in person—which, most did. The room was filled with collectors of art, mingling with the artists and sipping wine from the complimentary bar. Sales were made, new friends were met and the night was a huge success for all concerned.

This is just the first of many exhibits Cochran and her Envision Arts have planned for 2019. There are already three more shows with calls for entries on the Envision Arts website: Conduit, which will be on exhibit for six weeks at the Frisco Discovery Center, from July to September; Abstraction, an online exhibition; and Black and White, a second online exhibition of strictly black-and-white works of art. This combined with the Envision Arts online publication provide wonderful opportunities for artists to gain attention in the often fickle art world and for collectors to discover fresh talent, sometimes overlooked by the larger galleries.

As an artist herself, Cochran’s passion lies in helping emerging artists find a sense of community, and she strives to create opportunities for all artists to network and build working relationships with other artists, clients and leaders in the arts industry. It is her hope provide wonderful opportunities for artists to gain attention in the often fickle art world and for collectors to discover fresh talent, sometimes overlooked and intention to build Envision Arts into a global brand for the publication of artists’ work, so they can be seen by a larger, worldwide audience.

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