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WHILE artists pride themselves on their one-of-a-kind artworks, those original pieces earn a profit only once and have a limited audience once they are sold. By creating reproductions, however, artists can reach a new audience of art buyers. It was that concept that created the idea for Artistic Transfer, a company whose sole purpose is to represent artists and give them the widest possible market through the preservation of their art and the production of high-quality giclée reproductions.

By using cutting-edge digital imaging technology, Artistic Transfer captures the full spectrum of color, light and shadow in a way that accurately reproduces the richness, texture and depth of original paintings, creating beautiful works of any size and dimension—from postcard size to billboard size—with unequalled image fidelity and precision. Its exclusive image capture technology reproduces and even enlarges artwork to any size with little to no loss of resolution, and the customization options it offers are unlimited.

Using American-made archival-quality materials and inks, Artistic Transfer offers prints on canvas, paper, metal, acrylic and commercial-grade wallpaper. Such high quality ensures that the finished work will resist fading and discoloration for
more than 200 years when used under recommended lighting conditions—and that level of excellence also adds to the
value. “Unlike prints from other companies, ours qualify to retain their value and even appreciate in value from the time they are purchased,” says David Yangco, represented artist and managing partner at Artistic Transfer. “We create stunning quality and value, and that makes us different.”

Naturally, it took years of trial and error to achieve the superior product that is now a hallmark of the company. More than a hundred artists across every creative genre are part of the company’s catalogue. More than just a broker of art, Artistic Transfer prides itself on its ability to market artists and truly give them all the tools needed to become widely known and highly prosperous.

Located in Dallas at the World Trade Center, also known as Dallas Market Center, the company works closely with buyers to help them find the perfect piece, offering free art consultations and wholesale discounts in addition to providing virtual staging. In doing so, Artistic Transfer has given countless clients the perfect way to stand out and make their homes and businesses unforgettable.

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