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The dramatic relief paintings of William Hall explore the intersection of sculpture and painting. His unique art has developed through years of experimentation as well as the sheer volume of work he has produced.

“I am not the first artist to be inspired by nature. Fossils, natural stone, sedimentary rock and the mechanics by which they are formed, have a fundamental primordial appeal. Much of my technique is designed to mimic natural occurrences,” says Hall.

His method employs pigmented grout that is sculpted and acid stained, painted and mounted on lightweight rigid foam panels. Hall has been awarded a Peripheral Vision Arts Fellowship and is soon to be featured in its distinguished Salon 2017 publication.

A seasoned artist, he was a founding member of the cutting- edge 500-X Gallery in Dallas and has exhibited in over 60 prestigious group and one-man shows throughout the United States. Hall’s work is included in many corporate and private collections. To see more of his art, please visit his website.

William Hall Fine Art


A visit to Tony Collins Art is full of unexpected surprises.

Collins’ work is bold, vibrant and diverse. You will find paintings, drawings and sculptures as well as reasonably priced prints and an eclectic selection of functional artistic metalworks.

His newest digital series, Gun Show, takes an explosive look at the gun as an art form, while exploring the emotions involved in conflicts.

Also a working studio, this Cedars-based operation stays true to the neighborhood’s rich manufacturing roots. Originally a pork rind factory, Collins and his wife, Holly, repurposed the building into an art, lighting and custom metal factory. On any given day, you might see light fixtures in progress that will end up in well-known eateries, like Dickey’s Barbeque, On the Border, Chili’s or Uncle Julio’s.

Collins’ artistic and fabricating talents, combined with some sophisticated equipment, help this small business land large projects and proudly keeps manufacturing alive in the Cedars.

Tony Collins Art is also known for building the structure that showcases the original Pegasus, which now stands at the Omni Dallas Hotel. Their Pegasus corner is a great place to learn some Dallas history and pick up a Pegasus souvenir! Call 214- 565-1963 for an appointment.

Tony Collins Art


“It would be boring to me to paint in the same style all of the time,” says Naomi Butler of Abstract Art by Naomi. As a self-taught artist, her painting style and techniques keep evolving and will probably keep doing so.

Most of Butler’s paintings have many layers to them before they are completed. Having fun with paint is the main focus of her paintings, along with design, color, composition, cohesion, shapes, marks and sometimes the use of texture to enhance a design. She loves all kinds of color schemes—bright, neutrals and in-between. Butler understands the importance of creating something unique for each client.

Doing commissioned artwork has opened the door to so many possibilities and learning opportunities, which continues to bring new creative aspects to her art. “I love a challenge and am always excited to see what the next painting is going to be,” she says.

Butler’s first solo art show will be on Thursday, November 9 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Bridal Shows Inc. office (4821 Keller Springs Road, Addison, TX 75001). Sign up at if you would like to attend, and find how “It just happened.”

Abstract Art by Naomi


With over 25 years of experience in the industry, gallery owner Laura Rathe started her career working as a private art dealer prior to establishing Laura Rathe Fine Art (LRFA) in 1998 in Houston, Texas. LRFA now operates out of two locations in Houston and a third gallery in Dallas on Dragon Street, in the city’s premier Design District. Since its inception, LRFA has established itself as a leading contemporary art venue, each year offering art of the highest quality and an exciting range of exhibitions and programming to its patrons in both cities.

LRFA represents a dynamic roster of established and mid-career contemporary artists who work in a variety of themes and media. Many of its artists have been acquired into world-renowned private, corporate and museum collections. LRFA also participates in a variety of prominent art fairs, including CONTEXT Art Miami, Art Southampton, Art Wynwood, the Houston Fine Art Fair, Texas Contemporary and the Dallas Art Fair.

LRFA is engaged in a number of collaborative and educational programs, including its recently established “Create, Curate, Collect” lecture series, which aims to enhance relationships between artists, collectors and galleries in the Dallas area and beyond.

Laura Rathe Fine Art


With an impeccable eye and a finger on the pulse of the contemporary local art scene, Jen Mauldin Gallery puts together a globally inspired collection of the best emerging Texas artists right in the heart of Dallas. Located in the Bishop Arts District, Jen Mauldin Gallery showcases a variety of paintings, photography, sculpture and mixed media works by today’s rising and accomplished stars.

Currently being shown are: Haylee Ryan, Paxton Maroney, Kyle Steed, Shoby Modjarrad, Courtney Miles, Turk, Lori Fox, Corie Humble, Bang Dang, Kelly Clemons, Danny Rose, Erin McAllister, June Covington and Hobbes Vincent.

Jen Mauldin has nearly 20 years of experience as an internationally renowned design director and interior designer, and she now adds gallery owner to her award-winning list of accomplishments.

Mauldin specializes in creating personal connections for experienced collectors as well as first-time art buyers. Jen Mauldin Gallery keeps the walls fresh by featuring a different artist every month amidst her rotating collection.

This September the gallery welcomes local Dallas artists Danny Rose and Haylee Ryan in a duo exhibition, and in October porcelain artist Kelly Clemons will be featured.

Jen Mauldin Gallery


Ginger Fox Gallery is kicking off its fifth year in the Bishop Arts District. The gallery primarily features paintings by Ginger Fox, but also represents a select group of other local fine artists, including Juli Price and Jennifer Lashbrook.

Ginger Fox began professionally showing her artwork over 15 years ago at established, highly regarded galleries across the country before collaborating with partner Lara Humphrey to open and show exclusively at Ginger Fox Gallery.

Upon visiting the gallery you will find several series of paintings mastered by Fox, from magical realism to abstract expressionism. “People are surprised by my abstracts if they are first introduced to my detailed realism. In fact, I have been painting abstract expressionism for over 20 years,” Fox says.

She attributes her range to the fact that she is ambidextrous and paints with both hands— sometimes at the same time. Fox feels as though it might help her in accessing both brain hemispheres, with each side functioning in very different ways. Detail work seems to require one way of thinking—in which stopping and starting is not a problem—while the purely intuitive, loose style of abstract expressionism requires another.

Ginger Fox Gallery


Founded 22 years ago in Dallas, Christopher Martin Gallery has created the perfect atmosphere to present reverse glass paintings and limited editions by Christopher H. Martin. Located in the Dallas Design District, the gallery is directed by Natalie Crosby. Gallery branches are also located in Aspen and Santa Fe. The gallery participates at acclaimed art fairs in Chicago, Miami, New York, Aspen and Palm Springs. Currently on display at the Dallas Gallery are works by Christopher H. Martin and sculptures by Gregory Price and Brandon Reese.

Gregory Price’s path to a finished glass sculpture most often employs cast, molded, forming and fusing techniques that enable the final gesture to be in constant play between motion and gravity. His work reveals new directions in the realm of contemporary sculpture, and specifically those artists working with glass.

Brandon Reese’s stoneware sculptures are predominantly known for their simple, familiar forms created through a variety of methods and at such large scales that they push the traditional boundaries of ceramic art. Reese’s fascination with architecture and patterns in life become the language that exposes his intrigue with the relationships that connect individuals.

Christopher Martin Gallery


Located near the shops of The Galleria, Southwest Gallery offers Dallas’ largest collections of fine 19th- to 21st-century paintings and sculptures. Celebrating 50 years of serving the art needs of Dallas, this beautiful gallery represents hundreds of respected and established artists with thousands of stunning works of art, from antique to contemporary, in over 16,000 square feet of sensational space. A serviceoriented staff offers design expertise that helps clients maximize value and selection of art purchases. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced art collector, there is always a desire to learn more about how art is made and the artist behind it. Also housed in the gallery is Kittrell Riffkind Art Glass Gallery, which offers an array of sculpture, platters, wall art and many other treasures, large and small. The ever-changing selection of outstanding and innovative work is created by more than 300 contemporary glass artists. You will also find a huge custom framing department where you can choose from the finest handcrafted moulding to thoughtfully designed shadow box frames for those precious keepsakes. Southwest Gallery also welcomes The Artists’ Showplace Gallery in Richardson, helping to continue the diverse offering of products and services.

Southwest Gallery


Cameron Smith’s Bishop Arts Modern gallery continues to reveal some of the region’s most resonant works in recent memory. Since its debut in January BAM’s gallery shows, Life in Black & White, Organica and Luminesce, have harvested a bounty of designers and patrons. Innovative constructs of mixed mediums are the order of the day at the most talked about new gallery in the district. “To be recognized by my peers, whom I deeply admire, has been the motivating force to continue to push the boundaries, be resolute in my vulnerability, and explore the breadth of my emotions artistically,” says Smith.

Willie Baronet, part of the brilliant curating duo at Decorazon Gallery; Loran Thrasher; and the newest Bishop Arts Co-op artist in residence, Julie Richey, have all been sharing critiques and perspectives that fuel the growth of Bishop Arts Modern, the flagship of the seven studio enclave.

“I firmly believe that the essence of any great gallery is innovation and originality so my mantra is one of intention and focus on being true to that vision,” states Smith. With his highly anticipated Kind of Blue installation of jazz-inspired modern art canvases coming in November, Bishop Arts Modern is in a serious groove.

Bishop Arts Modern Gallery


Located in the Design District, CINQ Gallery promotes emerging and mid-career artists who share a unique vision and passion for contemporary art. The gallery provides a platform to showcase and develop the individual talents of each artist. CINQ’s style and sensibility offers a singular blend of artistic disciplines, creating an enjoyable experience for all.

CINQ’s philosophy is to celebrate the diverse nature of producing and experiencing art. The gallery features the work of a multitude of artists, ranging from local to international backgrounds. Artists John Peralta and Adriana Cobo-Frenkel explore sculpture through natural and man-made materials, while many layers of built-up materials fascinate mixed-media artists Robert Oltarzewski and Jennifer Wagner. Abstract photographer Rodolfo Choperena creates dazzling prints on metal, and Steven Tye Culbert, Scott Dawson, Katie O’Sullivan, Oscar Mejia, Mike Salcido and Kim Schmitt Thomas live in a world of vivid paintings.

CINQ hosts many events and receptions throughout the year. Please visit our gallery or view our website to learn more about us and our upcoming events.

CINQ Gallery


For over 25 years Beaudry Gallery has showcased some of the most varied works of art in the metroplex. From veteran artists to up-and-coming local talent, the focus of the gallery has always been on differentiating itself from archetypes and stereotypes. Everything from contemporary, pop and graffiti art to sculpture and architectural works, as well as original movie posters and lobby cards, the only prerequisites are quality and originality. Beaudry Gallery is also committed to finding and showing the best local burgeoning artists. Dallas has a wealth of talent and untapped potential.

Beaudry Gallery features a large space with a clear view of the Design District. A second space is dedicated to interior design and is intended to help designers source works for their clients. Beaudry Gallery feels that galleries and designers can find more efficient and effective ways to work together, such as showcasing events and exhibits specifically for designers.

Beaudry Gallery also provides the best framing and installation services in the metroplex and has been providing these services for decades. Through its work with other galleries, corporate clients and individuals, Beaudry Gallery truly sets itself apart as the total package and the complete “Place for Art.”

Beaudry Gallery & Framing


Guggenhome is a showroom featuring contemporary art and furniture design located at 1426 N. Riverfront Blvd. The curated presentation inside allows both designers and collectors the opportunity to visualize a piece of art in the context of our living environment. Each piece in the collection represents a different perspective and technique that explores contemporary abstract art.

The organic process of watching a painting come together drives artist Julie Dailey. Using acrylic and acrylic media, she allows each piece to dictate its composition.

Breaking the flat plane of a painting is Glenn Comtois’ mission. The interaction of finishes, materials and texture creates movement across each work.

Rick Griggs’ artistic journey began in his father’s wood-centric workshop. The concept of converting something from its rough and economic state to an asymmetrical piece of art is inherent in Griggs’ 1967 series.

Andrzej Majorowski’s work has the ability to create a world outside the border of the painting, exploring the meaning of abstract existence and emotions.

The common themes of design, color, emotion, texture and material culminate in the unique modern collection at Guggenhome. Where the art of living meets the art we live with.



Bee Street Studio is a warehouse- style gallery offering full-service art consultation. It is owned and operated by motherdaughter team Ann Catherine Easterling and Delaney Campbell. Both from Dallas, they are a valuable resource in connecting interior designers and individual clients with a tailored selection of high-quality and original art offerings that are perfect for both commercial and residential spaces. Different from other galleries, Bee Street Studio uses every inch of wall space to showcase the works of their fine artists. Easterling and Campbell strive to offer a comfortable and approachable venue for artists as well as for clients where they can browse and admire the art. With a portfolio that includes over 60 artists, both established and emerging, from all over the country, the variety of styles, mediums and price points allow clients to find the perfect art for their space.

Bee Street is located at 6445 Cedar Springs Road, Suite #103 and is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. If you can’t swing by during those hours, they are happy to set up an appointment at the studio or meet with you for an on-site visit to discuss your art needs. Keep up with the Bee Street girls and their artists by following @beestreetstudio on Instagram.

Bee Street Studio


Mary Tomás Gallery is a contemporary fine arts gallery offering collectors, designers and patrons exciting and visionary art. Located in the vibrant Dallas Design District, the gallery space provides opportunities to inform, instruct and inspire art collectors. Since 2009, owners Mary and Alberto Tomás purposefully select artists for their gallery roster who encompass unique artistic styles and exhibit diverse backgrounds. Rotating exhibits feature regional, national and international artists whose works may be found in private, corporate and museum collections. Exhibits showcase painting, printmaking and sculpture. The gallery is engaged in the growth of Dallas’ reputation as a flourishing arts destination. Shown are works of art by Blair Vaughn-Gruler, Emerge or Dissolve, gouache, graphite on clayboard; Don Parr, Corsair, urethane on aluminum, riveted panels; Chalda Maloff, Pacific Ascent, digital painting mounted on acrylic.

As members of the Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas (CADD) and the Dallas Art Dealers Association (DADA), the gallery taps into the ever-changing pulse of the burgeoning art world.

Please visit our gallery in Dallas or view our website to learn more about our gallery and the artists we represent.

Mary Tomás Gallery


Phil Crawshay specializes in exquisitely detailed, large format fine art photography, often referred to as “HD for photography.”

The work represents the decades of Crawshay’s dedicated involvement and experience within the photography and digital media field. Every piece is handcrafted and produced at the gallery by Crawshay.

By utilizing many different processes, he is able to produce images of stunning clarity at very large sizes.

“Image sharpness across the whole image is extremely important to me,” he says. “Rather than just produce an arty composition, I try to capture the entire scene so it can be transported back to one’s own living environment in the most realistic and detailed way possible.”

The attention to detail does not stop at the photography. At the gallery you will see each piece beautifully presented using a process known as face mounting. This involves adhering the fine art print to the rear of acrylic, which produces an incredibly smooth surface that attracts the light in such a way that it appears to be almost backlit. The added advantage is that the piece is completely sealed and will never degrade. It is an extremely difficult process to achieve.

Phil Crawshay Gallery


Holder Dane Gallery highlights sculptors Lorri Acott and Adam Schultz with bronze and clay figurative pieces new to the gallery.

Who Rescued Who, a favorite in clay or bronze, illustrates how Acott’s work evokes heartfelt emotions on many levels; here, the long legs are about rising above life’s challenges.

Incognito by Adam Schultz exhibits the depth of his talent to sculpt any form or figure with expertise and intrigue. The “disguise” ability of the octopus is the inspiration for this masked character cloaked in a dramatic black and polished bronze patina.

Paul Clifford is new to the world of fine art photography. Merging his scientific background with his love of artistic beauty, he brings a mix of sensual and visual delight to his work.

Convolution is an example of symmetrical surrealism, an application of order to apparent disorder. It is an attempt to impose an element of reality on the dream-like state of surrealism,” says Clifford. “In Convolution, symmetry makes the reality of the beauty and sinuous movement of the woman clear, though the woman is clearly a fantasy.”

Holder Dane Gallery and Studios


Less than a year old, LMB Art Glass strives to bring vibrant and unique handblown art glass to the Dallas Design District. The collection includes work from more than 50 artists located all over the United States and Canada. Many of the featured artists have been blowing glass for more than 30 years and have refined their own styles and techniques. Some create very large sculptural pieces and frequently design unique installations, while others focus on intricate designs with very precise details.

Although new to the Dallas market, the gallery was previously located in Kansas and has longstanding relationships with all of the featured artists, many of whom have work included in private and corporate collections as well as glass and contemporary museums across the country. LMB Art Glass is a young gallery, but is the exclusive Texas dealer of many well established artists.

The selection at LMB Art Glass focuses on quality and diversity, with pieces ranging from jewelry and small gift items to free-form focal pieces. The color, texture and dimension of each piece is unique and best explored in person. At LMB Art Glass, the love for glass art was passed down from mother to daughter, and we enjoy sharing that love with others.

LMB Art Glass


Gappa Fine Art Glass brings the ancient art of glassblowing to life with a modern twist. Combining architecture training and innovative artistry, founder David Gappa is a master at transforming glass into fine art sculptures, chandeliers, decanters, wall sconces and displays. His pieces of fine art glass can be found and purchased at Vetro Glassblowing Studio & Gallery in Grapevine and American Fine Art Gallery in Dallas. Gappa Fine Art Glass specializes in working with homeowners, business owners and interior designers to create one-of-a-kind commission pieces for private residences and commercial properties. Employing a turnkey process— concept, design, installation— each commission is original and customized for the client and the space.

“I have found that the passion of my life is working with the shifting energies of molten glass into its final stages of artistic completion. Glassblowing, for me, is a magical act of translating the ethereal into solid form. And the creation of each piece is a journey, as I strive to trust in the path the glass chooses for me,” says Gappa.

Gappa Fine Art Glass


“Where art becomes treasures and treasures becomes art” is Bonrics’ motto.

At Bonrics’ two working galleries, the goal is always to ensure a happy experience for customers by enhancing their art and personal treasures. The team at Bonrics believes in excellent service and total customer satisfaction. This is achieved through lasting quality and expert guidance on presentation, décor and preservation, and by meeting budget expectations. Additional services, such as art walls, mirror framing, decorative themes and installations, are available for presentations in the home and for business locations. Bonrics’ art displays will enhance any décor, and the variety of custom frames available makes shadow boxes, art presentations, chessboards, jewelry boxes and many more items into one-of-a-kind gifts.

Bonrics’ craftsmanship and friendly service pleases its customers, as evidenced by a very high percentage of repeat customers and customer referrals. The business is proud of this accomplishment and welcomes both returning and new customers to come enjoy a great experience!

Bonrics Custom Framing and Gallery


Artist Carlyn Ray shares creativity through custom glass art and site-specific installations. Located in the Dallas Design District, the Carlyn Ray Designs team consists of experienced glass artists, engineers, fabricators and installers. Together with the community and clients, they work to create unique and functional art utilizing glass, metal and lighting, including these pieces located in the offices of Fletcher Farley.

At a young age Carlyn discovered her passion for glassblowing, public art and the creation of large-scale installations.

During her first 10 years of training, she worked under various master glass artists, including Dale Chihuly. She has come full circle to build a multitalented team with a focus on custom art and projects for and with the community.

Carlyn’s signature designs include unique glass weavings, bespoke chandeliers, handblown vessels and lit fused-glass panels. Both indoor and outdoor installations are possible.

Contact Carlyn and her team to collaborate on your custom glass artwork.

Carlyn Ray Designs operates at Carlyn’s Dallas Glass Art studio and gallery. Dallas Glass Art is open to the public and offers hot glass demonstrations, classes and private events.

Carlyn Ray Designs


Artist Carole Carberry was born in Montana into a family that shared a natural artistic ability and a love for drawing. Specialized courses in fine art pencil and dry-brush egg tempera methods honed Carberry’s drawing skills and initiated a lifelong adventure with watercolor.

Her watercolors have been included twice in the prestigious traveling Show of the South curated by the Carolina Watermedia Society, where she is a Member in Excellence. Carberry’s acrylic on canvas Siesta Splendor was included in the Society’s annual SCWS show in 2014. That painting was a breakthrough for Carberry as it was the first of many acrylic works.

Long-necked birds are her favorite subject matter. “It is the graceful arch of a swan’s neck, the colorful beaks of herons and the ethereal quality of feathers that I find beautiful and attempt to share in my work,” she says.

Dividing each year between South Carolina and Montana, Carberry is in her fifth term on the board of the Sumter Artists Guild and is co-chair for two summer art festivals in Polson, Montana.

Carole Carberry


Debra Paysinger taught high school science and math for 10 years, but the arrival of her third child sent her into early retirement. A plethora of needlepoint projects allowed her artistic expression within the constraints of parenthood. When all the kids learned to drive, Paysinger found herself with time for painting, and the last needlepoint project went into a drawer–– unfinished.

The artist’s master’s degree in biology has informed her subject matter, as she paints birds, lures, sea life and rabbits—or raddits, as she endearingly refers to them. She owns the trademark for the term “the raddit” and each is numbered within the painting.

Paysinger assigns a not-to-berepeated human name to each bird she paints. These names are found on the back of each work.

You can find Paysinger’s art in Studio 151 Fine Arts Gallery on Church Street in Charleston, South Carolina, and Ellen Taylor Interiors + Design in the Vista in Columbia, South Carolina.

Debra Paysinger


Deborah Sisco’s work is influenced by the pioneers of the 19th-century modern art movement. She approaches each new work with a vision of color that is intended to produce a poetic relationship between the compositions and music that inspired it. According to Sisco, it is first and foremost about the color; it needs to be visually pleasing, disturbing, happy or peaceful, but it should not leave you empty. She feels her works needs to be an honest display of her feelings and emotions and that the viewer should be drawn into each work, becoming part of it while having their own individual journey. Sisco’s work is displayed in private collections and commercial establishments across the United States and Europe.

“I believe art is a compilation of our conscious and unconscious mind. It is what we experience in our everyday lives and what we dream of at night. It is how we touch reality and how we lose ourselves to our imaginations,” Sisco says. “Sometimes I see art in a face, or the sky or in a cloud. Sometimes I see a group of shapes, colors or buildings, and sometimes I dream.”

Deborah Sisco


“Painting and creating has been a significant part of my life since I was in elementary school,” says Douglas King, editor of Dallas Style & Design, who works with acrylic on canvas.

King recently began experimenting with the palette knife. After spreading thick layers of acrylic paint over paper or canvas, King then goes back over the entire piece using a chopping motion and the edge of the knife to create a textured pattern. He works the patterns until he is pleased with not only the blend of color, but also the texture itself.

This style is the newest for the artist, who likes to work in series and develops his technique as he explores different patterns, color spaces and sizes, often mixing series elements into a new style. The artist’s paintings vary in size, from 42 by 76 inches to 36 by 36 inches to 8-by-10-inch studies, such as his series String Theory.

“I like to experiment and explore many different styles,” King notes. “I never want to be limited in what I create. I paint the scene I see in my mind’s eye and it is different from day to day.”

King’s work is now being shown in Beaudry Gallery in the Dallas Design District.

Beaudry Gallery & Framing

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