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Located near the shops of The Galleria, Southwest Gallery offers Dallas’ largest collections of fine 19th- to 21st-century paintings and sculptures. Celebrating 50 years of serving the art needs of Dallas, this beautiful gallery represents hundreds of respected and established artists with thousands of stunning works of art, from antique to contemporary, in over 16,000 square feet of sensational space. A serviceoriented staff offers design expertise that helps clients maximize value and selection of art purchases. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced art collector, there is always a desire to learn more about how art is made and the artist behind it. Also housed in the gallery is Kittrell Riffkind Art Glass Gallery, which offers an array of sculpture, platters, wall art and many other treasures, large and small. The ever-changing selection of outstanding and innovative work is created by more than 300 contemporary glass artists. You will also find a huge custom framing department where you can choose from the finest handcrafted moulding to thoughtfully designed shadow box frames for those precious keepsakes. Southwest Gallery also welcomes The Artists’ Showplace Gallery in Richardson, helping to continue the diverse offering of products and services.



Collins’ work is bold, vibrant and diverse. You will find paintings, drawings and sculptures as well as reasonably priced prints and an eclectic selection of functional, artistic works in metal.

His newest digital series, Gun Show, takes an explosive look at the gun as an art form while exploring the emotions involved in conflicts.

Also a working studio, this Cedars-based operation stays true to the neighborhood’s rich manufacturing roots. Originally a pork rind factory, Collins and his wife, Holly, repurposed the building into an art, lighting and custom metal factory. On any given day, you might see light fixtures in progress that will end up in well-known eateries, like Dickey’s Barbeque, On the Border, Chili’s or Uncle Julio’s.

Collins’ artistic and fabricating talents, combined with some sophisticated equipment, help this small business land large projects and proudly keep manufacturing alive in the Cedars.

Tony Collins Art is also known for building the structure that showcases the original Pegasus, which now stands at the Omni Dallas Hotel. Their Pegasus corner is a great place to learn some Dallas history and pick up a Pegasus souvenir! Call for an appointment.

Tony Collins Art


Located in the heart of the Design District, The Lawley Art Group will be celebrating its two-year anniversary this March. The gallery recently began solely showcasing the works of contemporary artist Tanner Lawley.

As a self-taught artist, Lawley paints from a place of love, abundance and compassion for others. He has painted his famous Hearts live at many weddings and showers, capturing the love of each couple. In addition to his Hearts, Lawley also paints abstracts and Words of Inspiration. He utilizes layers, texture and color to create his captivating works of art.

The Lawley Art Group also doubles as Lawley’s working studio, where he creates original works and commissions. Thousands of his original works have been seen in galleries and art fairs in Dallas, New York, Miami, Scottsdale, and Brussels.

The beautiful gallery has been the venue for many parties, dinners, pop-ups and other events. To book your event, email info@thelawleyartgroup .com. Stay current on the gallery’s collection by following @thelawleyartgroup on Instagram. The Lawley Art Group is open Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 1507 Dragon St. Call for private showing appointments.

The Lawley Art Group


With over 25 years of experience in the industry, gallery owner Laura Rathe started her career working as a private art dealer prior to establishing Laura Rathe Fine Art (LRFA) in 1998 in Houston. LRFA now operates out of two locations in Houston and a third in Dallas on Dragon Street. LRFA has established itself as a leading contemporary art venue, each year offering art of the highest quality and an exciting range of exhibitions and programming to its patrons in both cities.

LRFA represents a dynamic roster of established and mid-career contemporary artists working in a variety of themes and media, many of whom have been acquired into world-renowned private, corporate and museum collections. LRFA also participates in a variety of prominent art fairs, including CONTEXT Art Miami, Art Southampton, Art Wynwood, the Houston Fine Art Fair, Texas Contemporary and the Dallas Art Fair.

LRFA is also engaged in a number of collaborative and educational programs, including its recently established Create, Curate, Collect lecture series, which aims to enhance relationships between artists, collectors and leading professionals in the Dallas art community and beyond.



With an impeccable eye and a finger on the pulse of the contemporary local art scene, Jen Mauldin puts together a globally inspired collection of the best emerging Texas artists right in the heart of Dallas. As a gallery in the burgeoning Bishop Arts District, Jen Mauldin Gallery showcases a variety of paintings, photography, sculpture and mixed media works by today’s rising and accomplished stars.

SPIN, a proposed master of fine arts in art thesis exhibition by Courtney Googe, runs February 4 – March 17.

Courtney Miles’ Courtney: LOVE and Caroline Oliver’s Rainbow Road exhibits are scheduled for March 24 – April 21. Miles returns for her second solo show at the gallery, featuring oil painting portraitures of love. Oliver’s abstract oil paintings blend ethereal delicacy with grit and often allude to hanging canopies—lines and drips pulled taut with soft blurs of color.

Erin McAllister and Ann Chisholm conclude the spring exhibitions in April and May with their first solo shows at Jen Mauldin Gallery.



Ginger Fox Gallery has opened a second gallery located on Dragon Street in the Dallas Design District.

“We are so excited to be a part of the synergy happening next to us on Dragon. We are so happy to be neighbors with Christopher Martin Gallery, Ferrari Gallery and the Joel Conner Gallery,” says Ginger Fox.

The larger 5,000-square-foot space on Dragon Street will also allow Fox to work in an on-site studio, where she will have room for larger-scale paintings.

Lara Humphrey and Ginger Fox opened the Bishop Arts gallery location five years ago. “We love the district, but we need more space,” says Humphrey. By adding a second location, the duo will be able to show more of Fox’s work as well as art by other artists.

“We have a real hands-on approach in every aspect of the business, and we are committed to continuing to provide that level of involvement and care at both locations. We are so excited to have the opportunity to continue to grow and provide inspiring artwork to more people,” Humphrey says.



Dan Houston was raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and moved to New York City to attend college. His transition to Houston, Texas, occurred over 35 years ago. As a Mecca for artistry and fine arts, Houston was the ideal place to cultivate his love for art, which he developed as a small child, creating masterpieces with crayons on brown paper bags … and on his parents’ walls.

Houston’s art is easily identifiable and distinct; his trademark use of courageous, contrasting colors is described by aficionados as “fearless” and “bold.” When these strong, striking colors are combined with passionate brushstrokes, his abstract art gives the viewer a sense of strength and empowerment.

His versatility ranges from realism and abstract to sculpture. However, Houston chose to focus on abstract rather than realism because the style allows him to better express his feelings and ideas.

He sets his creative atmosphere with the tunes of jazz legends while working in his studio, then his innermost thoughts and ideas come to life; he even daydreams in Technicolor and often “hears” in colors.

Houston offers his artwork to decorators, architects and collectors in an art leasing program, in addition to commissioned work.

Architectural Wall Decor


Gappa Fine Art Glass brings the ancient art of glassblowing to life with a modern twist. Combining architecture training and innovative artistry, founder David Gappa is a master at transforming glass into fine art sculptures, chandeliers, decanters, wall sconces and displays. His pieces of fine art glass can be found and purchased at Vetro Glassblowing Studio & Gallery in Grapevine and American Fine Art Gallery in Dallas. Gappa Fine Art Glass specializes in working with homeowners, business owners and interior designers to create one-of-a-kind commission pieces for private residences and commercial properties. Employing a turnkey process— concept, design, installation— each commission is original and customized for the client and the space.

“I have found that the passion of my life is working with the shifting energies of molten glass into its final stages of artistic completion. Glassblowing, for me, is a magical act of translating the ethereal into solid form. And the creation of each piece is a journey, as I strive to trust in the path the glass chooses for me,” says Gappa.



Ginger Cochran is a contemporary, mixed media abstract artist living in Dallas. Her style depicts the merging of bold colors and textures, and strong, forceful applications of medium. Present throughout her work is the recurring theme of movement, color and texture, delivered by mixed media as well as an effective use of negative space, line work and pattern.

Her inspiration is derived from both music and nature. Cochran develops custom color palettes and explores different textures and colors to create whimsical and romantic pieces. She places striking applications of pastel, marker or other medium and pops of color to demonstrate dramatic movement.

Her work effectively complements many interior design styles, from modern and contemporary to eclectic. Each painting can either act as a focal point/conversation piece or an accent to the design.

Eager to please, Cochran works closely with clients on commissions to create oneof- a-kind works to be enjoyed by families for generations to come.

Cochran has displayed her work nationally in Dallas, Houston, New York City and Las Vegas. She has also worked closely with fellow artists on collaborations and as a director/ curator for various shows.

Ginger Cochran Art


Located in the Design District, CINQ Gallery promotes emerging and mid-career artists who share a unique vision and passion for contemporary art. The gallery provides a platform to showcase and develop the individual talents of each artist. CINQ’s style and sensibility offers a singular blend of artistic disciplines, creating an enjoyable experience for all.

CINQ’s philosophy is to celebrate the diverse nature of producing and experiencing art. The gallery features the work of a multitude of artists, ranging from local to international backgrounds. Artists John Peralta and Adriana Cobo-Frenkel explore sculpture through natural and man-made materials, while many layers of built-up materials fascinate mixed-media artists Robert Oltarzewski and Jennifer Wagner. Abstract photographer Rodolfo Choperena creates dazzling prints on metal, and Steven Tye Culbert, Scott Dawson, Katie O’Sullivan, Oscar Mejia, Mike Salcido and Kim Schmitt Thomas live in a world of vivid paintings.

CINQ hosts many events and receptions throughout the year. Please visit our gallery or view our website to learn more about us and our upcoming events.



Ferrari Gallery is one of the newest contemporary galleries in the heart of the Dallas Design District. In January 2017, Debra and James Ferrari set their sights on Dallas for a new gallery and studio location. After months of looking at buildings and traveling back and forth from Colorado to Texas, they found a beautiful gallery space on Dragon Street, next door to the Joel Cooner Gallery. Coincidentally, it is close to three other artist-owned galleries, Christopher Martin Gallery, Ginger Fox Gallery and The Lawley Art Group. The Ferraris have been curating their art since 2004.

“I love to tell narratives about nature and evoke emotions through my paintings. Sharing this with collectors and people who experience my art is very essential and personal to me,” says Debra, an abstract and realism painter.

James, a contemporary sculptor, redefines the relationship between the natural and mechanical worlds through his work. He creates abstract and representational fine art by breathing new life into unusable Ferrari car parts, which he incorporates into every original piece.

The upcoming exhibition, Water & Ice, with work by Debra, will be held March 1 – April 30.

Ferrari Studios & Gallery


Guggenhome is a showroom featuring contemporary art and furniture design located at 1426 North Riverfront Blvd. The curated presentation inside allows both designers and collectors the opportunity to visualize a piece of art in the context of our living environment. Each piece in the collection represents a different perspective and technique that explores contemporary abstract art.

Tamara White’s work is a study in texture and the interaction of color and shadow. The organic process of watching a painting come together drives artist Julie Dailey. Using acrylic and acrylic media, she allows each piece to dictate its composition. Breaking the flat plane of a painting is Glenn Comtois’ mission. The interaction of finishes, materials and texture creates movement across each work. Rick Griggs’ artistic journey began in his father’s wood-centric workshop. The concept of converting something from its rough and economic state to an asymmetrical piece of art is inherent in his 1967 series.

The common themes of design, color, emotion, texture and material culminate in the unique modern collection at Guggenhome. Where the art of living meets the art we live with.



Bee Street Studio is a warehouse- style gallery offering full-service art consultation. It is owned and operated by motherdaughter team Ann Catherine Easterling and Delaney Campbell. Both from Dallas, they are a valuable resource in connecting interior designers and individual clients with a tailored selection of high-quality and original art offerings that are perfect for both commercial and residential spaces. Different from other galleries, Bee Street Studio uses every inch of wall space to showcase the works of their fine artists. Easterling and Campbell strive to offer a comfortable and approachable venue for artists as well as for clients where they can browse and admire the art. With a portfolio that includes over 60 artists, both established and emerging, from all over the country, the variety of styles, mediums and price points allow clients to find the perfect art for their space.

Bee Street is located at 6445 Cedar Springs Road, Suite #103 and is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. If you can’t swing by during those hours, they are happy to set up an appointment at the studio or meet with you for an on-site visit to discuss your art needs. Keep up with the Bee Street girls and their artists by following @beestreetstudio on Instagram.



Mary Tomás Gallery is a contemporary fine arts gallery offering collectors, designers and patrons exciting and visionary art. Located in the vibrant Dallas Design District, the gallery space provides opportunities to inform, instruct and inspire art collectors. Since 2009, owners Mary and Alberto Tomás purposefully select artists for their gallery roster who encompass unique artistic styles and exhibit diverse backgrounds. Rotating exhibits feature regional, national and international artists whose works may be found in private, corporate and museum collections. Exhibits showcase painting, printmaking and sculpture. The gallery is engaged in the growth of Dallas’ reputation as a flourishing arts destination.

Shown are works of art by Chong Keun Chu, Winter Rusiloski and Hyun Ju Chung.

As a member of the Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas (CADD) and the Dallas Art Dealers Association (DADA), the gallery taps into the everchanging pulse of the burgeoning art world.

Please visit our gallery in Dallas or view our website to learn more about our gallery and the artists we represent.

Mary Tomás Gallery


LaToya Jones is a sought-after contemporary artist. She is founder and CEO of her company, Forever Royalty. Jones is well known for her mixed media pieces, each of which requires time and patience to create.

The first thing you will notice about Jones’ work is that it glitters. According to the artist, the layers in her artwork are symbolic, each representing a diverse variety of humanity’s search for an ultimate purpose. Jones believes that life has the uncanny ability to imitate art. Therefore, the journey through it, good and bad, and always unique, forges a masterpiece, worthy of royalty.

Beginning with a rough wooden canvas, Jones uses naturally timeworn and singed paper, accented with diamonds, amethyst and many other precious stones; each piece brings a sense of cultivation to her designs.

Jones has won numerous awards and recognition for her artistic works and many design collaborations. Her work has been featured on HGTV and Good Morning America and at Sotheby’s.

She considers being a wife and mom among her greatest accomplishments.

LaToya Jones


“Where art becomes treasures and treasures becomes art” is Bonrics’ motto.

At Bonrics’ two working galleries, the goal is always to ensure a happy experience for customers by enhancing their art and personal treasures. The team at Bonrics believes in excellent service and total customer satisfaction. This is achieved through lasting quality and expert guidance on presentation, décor and preservation, and by meeting budget expectations. Additional services, such as art walls, mirror framing, decorative themes and installations, are available for presentations in the home and for business locations. Bonrics’ art displays will enhance any décor, and the variety of custom frames available makes shadow boxes, art presentations, chessboards, jewelry boxes and many more items into one-of-a-kind gifts.

Bonrics’ craftsmanship and friendly service pleases its customers, as evidenced by a very high percentage of repeat customers and customer referrals. The business is proud of this accomplishment and welcomes both returning and new customers to come enjoy a great experience!

Bonrics Custom Framing and Gallery


The Bishops Arts Co-Op (BAC) has emerged as the most talked about arts collective in the Bishop Arts District, manifested by an eclectic band of art visionaries and founder Dave Spence of Good Space. The collective boasts elevated global street cred since the arrival of the Decorazon Gallery and a roster of stunning contemporary art talent, including gallery founder Hugo Garcia Urrutia and his wife, MK.

Newcomers to BAC include photo-realist Debra Witter’s Across the River Studio and world-renowned mosaic artist Julie Richey’s studio gallery.

BAC has continued to evolve around the nucleus of longtime residents Willie Baronet, Loran Thrasher and Cameron Smith. “When you have this kind of talent, it fuels exploration, from Willie’s TED talk and documentary film work to Julie’s global reputation as a mosaic master and restorer, Decorazon Gallery’s superstar roster, and Loran’s groundbreaking constructions. … I’m humbled to be part of it,” says BAC gallerist and Bishop Arts Modern artist- in-residence Cameron Smith.

Learn more at the respective artists’ websites: julierichey,, and

Bishop Arts Co-Op


Artist Carlyn Ray shares creativity through custom glass art and site-specific installations. Located in the Dallas Design District, the Carlyn Ray Designs team consists of experienced glass artists, engineers, fabricators and installers. Together with the community and clients, they work to create unique and functional art utilizing glass, metal and lighting, including these pieces located in the offices of Fletcher Farley.

At a young age Carlyn discovered her passion for glassblowing, public art and the creation of large-scale installations.

During her first 10 years of training, she worked under various master glass artists, including Dale Chihuly. She has come full circle to build a multitalented team with a focus on custom art and projects for and with the community.

Carlyn’s signature designs include unique glass weavings, bespoke chandeliers, handblown vessels and lit fused-glass panels. Both indoor and outdoor installations are possible.

Contact Carlyn and her team to collaborate on your custom glass artwork.

Carlyn Ray Designs operates at Carlyn’s Dallas Glass Art studio and gallery. Dallas Glass Art is open to the public and offers hot glass demonstrations, classes and private events.



Naomi Butler, a self-taught artist, is known for her wonderful use of color, style and different techniques to create her paintings. Rich hues artistically capture the simplistic beauty of her contemporary creations. The vertical paintings shown here are part of her new Choices series.

Never formally trained, Butler has a natural talent that has continuously evolved over the years and become more complex, with the many layers and depth of each new painting. Her focus is to have fun, and most of her work shows that consistently and is expressed through color, composition and texture. She loves experimenting and has developed a style that is uniquely her own.

Butler understands the importance of creating something unique for each client. Commissioned artwork has opened the doors to so many creative possibilities and learning opportunities, which continues to bring a new creative aspect to her art. “I love a challenge and am always excited to see what the next painting is going to be,” she says.

Follow her on Instagram @naomi.butler to see new paintings as they are completed.

Abstract Art by Naomi


Award-winning native Texas artist Cecie Feiner Borschow works in acrylic, watercolor and mixed media, including collage, with a broad scope of both representational and abstract subject matter. Naturally gifted and classically trained, Borschow majored in fine art at the University of Texas. Her work has been recognized on local, regional, national and international levels. Borschow’s art reflects inner strength through strong design and color, and powerful imagery.

“My work emphasizes bold color and strong design, creating experimental and exciting imagery. I never stop painting in my mind,” Borschow says. “Over the years, I have developed my own style and interpretation of color, exploring both nonobjective and realistic subject matter stimulated by visual images that touch me emotionally. My goal is to move people using shapes and color to reflect the feeling of excitement and beauty. The nonobjective work is spiritually inspired and continues to grow as I experiment. When designing the paper or canvas, I am not sure where it will take me but I love taking this risk.”

Many juried exhibitions have given her work top awards and signature status.

Cecie Feiner Borschow


William Campbell Contemporary Art is please to show the artwork of Beverly Penn in a new exhibition, Perpendicular to the Force of Gravity, open from October 21 to November 25, which includes Penn’s signature cast bronze sculptures generated from botanical forms. A suite of six botanical monoprints will accompany the new sculptures.

Penn’s sculptures hang on the wall like vertical landscapes, visually mapping the space they occupy and presenting the viewer with a complex array of ornate lines and textures that call attention to the beauty of natural forms, both inherent and manipulated. The artist describes their meandering patterns as analogous to the rhizomatic structures present in the weeds and other invasive plants that inform her work. The resultant sprawl evokes a controlled chaos—nonlinear, complex pathways meticulously arranged and contorted to serve a specific aesthetic purpose.

Paintings by Lloyd Martin will also be introduced. From Rhode Island, Martin has exhibited extensively in New York and we are excited to represent his work in Texas! His geometric works are layered with the history of his underpainting, layers of color adding depth and softening the geometry.

William Campbell Contemporary Art


Debra Paysinger taught high school science and math for 10 years, but the arrival of her third child sent her into early retirement. A plethora of needlepoint projects allowed her artistic expression within the constraints of parenthood. When all the kids learned to drive, Paysinger found herself with time for painting, and the last needlepoint project went into a drawer–– unfinished.

The artist’s master’s degree in biology has informed her subject matter, as she paints birds, lures, sea life and rabbits—or raddits, as she endearingly refers to them. She owns the trademark for the term “the raddit” and each is numbered within the painting.

Paysinger assigns a not-to-berepeated human name to each bird she paints. These names are found on the back of each work.

You can find Paysinger’s art in Studio 151 Fine Arts Gallery on Church Street in Charleston, South Carolina, and Ellen Taylor Interiors + Design in the Vista in Columbia, South Carolina.



The Grapevine Foundry sits on Main Street in Grapevine, Texas, in the Cotton Belt District, where the Farmer’s Market and restful wine shops open to the fresh air and sun, giving rest to all who venture here.

The Seasons of the Grapes, hand sculpted by artist LK Lewis, owner and artisan of the Grapevine Foundry, will be completed and on display at Main and Hudgins streets this spring. Come see the master craftsmen and women working on site at the Grapevine Foundry and view old-world-style bronze casting while enjoying your day in Grapevine.

Watch the masculine and the feminine come together through the beauty and grace of sculpting. From working with fine, delicate details to the grinding of metal and pouring of hot bronze into a vessel, the talented artists are forging the masterworks into eternal monuments.

Adventure to the place where history and the Bronze Age are recalled. Learn, be welcome and be a part of the place of monumental dreams.

Grapevine Foundry


“Painting and creating has been a significant part of my life since I was in elementary school,” says Douglas King, editor of Dallas Style & Design, who works with acrylic on canvas.

King recently began experimenting with the palette knife. After spreading thick layers of acrylic paint over paper or canvas, King then goes back over the entire piece using a chopping motion and the edge of the knife to create a textured pattern. He works the patterns until he is pleased with not only the blend of color, but also the texture itself.

This style is the newest for the artist, who likes to work in series and develops his technique as he explores different patterns, color spaces and sizes, often mixing series elements into a new style. The artist’s paintings vary in size, from 42 by 76 inches to 36 by 36 inches to 8-by-10-inch studies, such as his series String Theory.

“I like to experiment and explore many different styles,” King notes. “I never want to be limited in what I create. I paint the scene I see in my mind’s eye and it is different from day to day.” King’s work is now being shown in Beaudry Gallery in the Dallas Design District.

Beaudry Gallery & Framing


Founded 22 years ago in Dallas, Christopher Martin Gallery has created the perfect atmosphere to present reverse glass paintings and limited editions by Christopher H. Martin. Located in the Dallas Design District, the gallery is directed by Natalie Crosby. Gallery branches are also located in Aspen and Santa Fe. The gallery participates at acclaimed art fairs in Chicago, Miami, New York, Aspen and Palm Springs. Currently on display at the Dallas Gallery are works by Christopher H. Martin and sculptures by Gregory Price and Brandon Reese.

Gregory Price’s path to a finished glass sculpture most often employs cast, molded, forming and fusing techniques that enable the final gesture to be in constant play between motion and gravity. His work reveals new directions in the realm of contemporary sculpture, and specifically those artists working with glass.

Brandon Reese’s stoneware sculptures are predominantly known for their simple, familiar forms created through a variety of methods and at such large scales that they push the traditional boundaries of ceramic art. Reese’s fascination with architecture and patterns in life become the language that exposes his intrigue with the relationships that connect individuals.



The Padilla Gallery was established in Houston over 20 years ago as a gallery and studio for artists Daniel Padilla and Manuel Padilla. They relocated to Dallas in 2008. The brothers both started creating art at a very young age and have influenced each other’s work while remaining uniquely distinctive in brushstroke and execution. Daniel’s work is marked by hard edges and bold, free-form shapes in a very fluid painting style that conveys strong emotion. Manuel’s work, on the other hand, expresses a soft but tough emotion communicated through sweeping brushstrokes, flowing edges and a sense of tranquility. Both share an artistic fascination with natural and spiritual light, their styles shifting between the real and abstract in fluid harmony. Truly the brothers’ works are two individual sides of the same coin, distinct and united.

The gallery is focused on large-scale art and commissioned pieces in all styles, and the artists work closely with designers and collectors. Please visit the new location one mile north of the Dallas Design District.

Padilla Gallery


Park + Eighth showcases several Texas artists, both established and emerging, spanning a variety of styles and mediums. The collection is suited to collectors and designers alike who seek unique, original artworks.

Betsy Edwards is a masterful, lifelong painter, who was influenced by her mother and other wonderful teachers throughout her life. Her inspiration often comes from nature and her travels, as seen in A Little Silken, which depicts a field of lilies in an abstract manor. Her work is available at Park + Eighth and Bee Street Studios. See more at

Fay Jean Hooker has been on the art scene most of her life. Her glyphs are uniquely designed mosaic works comprised of aluminum can tiles that resemble language and markings. These pieces can stand alone, mix with other art types or work as a collection. Mosaic “quilts” are also in her collection. See more at

Sarah Gentry is a self-proclaimed “born again artist.” Her signature floral paintings are subtly impressionistic and often contain her favorite beloved orchids. Abundance, shown here, is mixed media on canvas. Abstracts and other subjects are often seen throughout her collection. Her work is available at Park + Eighth and Bee Street Studios. Visit

Park + Eighth


Evolution and change can be difficult, but Frisco Fine Art is striving to make artistic changes easier and more enjoyable than Frisco ever thought possible. The gallery has embraced the changes in the Rail District with vigor, and now boasts a new collection of artwork that will entice even the most discriminating shoppers.

A wonderful, new collection of quality affordable art and glass sculptures is offered along with traditional and masterworks, including works by Erté and Salvador Dali. Local artists such as Jessica M. Chaix and Milessa Murphy Stewart are also noteworthy. Their innate understanding of the use of color entices you into their creations and will keep you asking, “How did they do this amazing work?” We invite you to come to the gallery’s many events where you can meet these artists in person and ask them!

Frisco Fine Art’s new art shop is open, featuring hand-selected items that will make gift recipients blush with excitement. From the extravagant to the comical, Frisco Fine Art truly has it all.



Amy McKenzie believes that life’s challenges can serve as pathways to become closer to the heart of God, especially during this season and her battle with breast cancer. McKenzie has relied on the peace, which surpasses all understanding and the joy of the Lord, which comes from her faith in Jesus Christ as her Savior.

To express abstract concepts of God, McKenzie uses charcoal marks, soothing palettes and varied techniques. She enjoys the journey of realizing a painting’s possibilities and relishes the happy accidents that produce complex layers of paint, pastel and other mixed media. McKenzie titles her creations with names that reflect her feelings and thoughts of God while she works on them, such as Streams of Living Water and Everlasting Love.

She currently shows her work at the showroom she manages, Kerr Collection, as well as at Bee Street Studio, Colvin Brooks and The Collective. This spring, McKenzie will participate in Lindley Arthur’s art show, Celebrate Art, from April 12 – 14 at 1230 Dragon St.

Amy McKenzie


Paula B. Radvansky is a Texas artist and designer. She studied art and business at Texas Woman’s University. She studied graphic design at Southern Methodist University. She is a member of the Texas Woman’s University chapter of the National Society for Leadership and Success. From the NSLS she brings values to her design and art that incorporate mind, body and soul. These values convey optimism, good energy, healing and comfort. Art is her first passion and next is interior design. PBR Designs are contemporary designs that communicate fresh, positive energy. Every art work has a concept or story that is explained in the title. The art itself shares the details of the story. The story then creates an energy the viewer receives. These designs are created with hospitality projects in mind, projects such as hotels, resorts, hospitals and health care facilities. PBR Designs are also ideal for residential, retail, staging projects and home interior design. The product line includes original paintings, framed prints, metal prints and woodprints.

Paula B. Radvansky


The House of Namdar is one of the newest and most exciting art labels based in Dallas. Brad Namdar, who launched Namdar Décor in 2017, has created a new, exciting and high-demand art label known as The House of Namdar.

Many Dallas interior designers and art collectors have referred to The House of Namdar as one of the most progressive, avant-garde, decadent and stylistic private art labels. Its diversity of concepts, stimulating pieces and creative process are truly unique and attractive for any private collector or home setting.

The House of Namdar has produced pieces for multiple luxury hotels, designers and private collectors around the country.

Even more unique, The House of Namdar utilizes only local Dallas artists. One of the more mysterious, popular and intriguing in The House of Namdar is the artist only referred to as “Omnibus,” who prefers to remain unknown. Though virtually unreachable, Omnibus has been producing high-demand art due to the artist’s signature style and conceptual designs, which have been requested by many.

The House of Namdar


As an abstract painter Laura Roosevelt is known for her layering technique, which leads observers deeper into a piece and into their own subconscious. For Roosevelt, the combination of luminous color and the buildup of textures is reflective of the complexity of our human condition. In contrast, Roosevelt’s sculpture is simple in its exploration of the circle, the surfaces extremely clean in her choice of material and finish.

The great-granddaughter of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, Laura Roosevelt is passionate about history and has pioneered a new form of American art: Historic American Pop. Committed to reaching young people through these pieces, she incorporates iconic photographs with textured, abstract backgrounds, reshaping the experience of those moments frozen in time.

In January, Roosevelt opened The LR Art House, a unique boutique art gallery. In this intimate gallery visitors experience art in a warm, home-like setting in a chic Dallas townhouse. The LR Art House is slated to feature other artists in future exhibitions, including Roosevelt’s collection of Historic American Pop. Roosevelt holds a master’s degree from NYU and her work is collected around the world.

The LR Art House is open by appointment only.

Laura Roosevelt

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