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Wall Gallery is an exceptional art space located in the Dallas Design District. Our principal focus is the representation of local and international contemporary artists whose diverse practices include painting, drawing, sculpture and jewelry design. A schedule of art exhibitions throughout the year bring art collectors and designers the most current series of contemporary art by the gallery’s established group of artists.

A truly unique space, the Wall Gallery is open to the public and sets itself apart in the Dallas Design District with its 2,000-square-foot modern industrial interior and beautiful 1,700-square-foot courtyard surrounded in a lush wall of bamboo. The gallery space is fully equipped and available for event rental and provides a beautiful setting for your private event.

The next few months are filled with incredible exhibitions, including artist Toni Martin’s Wink, from September 10 – October 10. On display will be mixed media abstracts on board. On view October 15 – November 15 is Glean from the Top from artist Cynthia Chartier, featuring mixed media portraiture on canvas. Finally, November 19 – January 1 artist James Jensen will exhibit his works in oil on metal.

Wall Gallery



Phil Crawshay specializes in exquisitely detailed, large format fine art photography, often referred to as “HD for photography.”

The work represents the decades of Crawshay’s dedicated involvement and experience within the photography and digital media field. Every piece is handcrafted and produced at the gallery by Crawshay.

By utilizing many different processes, he is able to produce images of stunning clarity at very large sizes.

“Image sharpness across the whole image is extremely important to me,” he says. “Rather than just produce an arty composition, I try to capture the entire scene so it can be transported back to one’s own living environment in the most realistic and detailed way possible.”

The attention to detail does not stop at the photography. At the gallery you will see each piece beautifully presented using a process known as face mounting. This involves adhering the fine art print to the rear of acrylic, which produces an incredibly smooth surface that attracts the light in such a way that it appears to be almost backlit. The added advantage is that the piece is completely sealed and will never degrade. It is an extremely difficult process to achieve.

Phil Crawshay Gallery



Russell Tether Fine Arts Associates, LLC (RTFAA) is a full-service consulting, management and brokerage firm specializing in collections of fine art. Our firm provides comprehensive services to individual and family collections, wealth management and estate advisors, firms, municipalities and other institutions.

With fine art comprising an increasing percentage of asset portfolios, the development of market strategies is crucial. Our extensive research, including market trends and historical performance data, and personal attention to our clients’ positions, are integrated to provide a comprehensive program that meets the objectives of each estate or collection.

Our gallery showcases an extensive collection of available works from our clients, including historical, modern and contemporary. Select works may be viewed at our gallery or online on our website: russelltether .com. In addition, we offer select artwork from Texas & American Art on our secondary site:

Russell Tether Fine Arts Associates



LuminArté Fine Art Gallery brings an international and bicoastal flavor to Dallas’ cultural art scene. The gallery represents and promotes international mid-career artists, whose works are exhibited in private, corporate and museum collections world-wide, while nurturing regional emerging artists. Keiko González was born in Texas and raised in the United States and Bolivia. González studied art in Texas and received an advanced degree and the Ralph Bunche Fellowship from Rutgers University Mason Gross School of Art and traveled and studied in Europe. González shows in Bolivia in La Paz, as well as in Santa Cruz, Cochabamba and Sucre, and in capital cities in South America, Europe and the United States. Cristina de Castro translates her emotions into color, with bold lines augmenting expression, depicting the theme of rebirth after disaster, when universal forces converge in order to heal the planet. Although not political, her works echo changes affecting the Middle East, Europe and America today and offer peace, hope and a chance for reflection, which are necessary for the hope of a prosperous future.

LuminArté Fine Art Gallery



Located near the shops of The Galleria, Southwest Gallery offers Dallas’ largest collections of fine 19th- and 20th-century paintings and sculptures. With 49 years of history serving the art needs of Dallas, this beautiful gallery represents hundreds of respected and established artists with thousands of stunning works of art, from antique to contemporary, in over 16,000 square feet of sensational space. A service-oriented staff offers design expertise that helps clients maximize value and selection of art purchases. Whether you’re art collecting experience is that of a beginner to the most experienced, there is always a desire to learn more about how art is made and the artist behind it. Also housed in the gallery is Kittrell Riffkind Art Glass Gallery, which offers an array of sculpture, platters, wall art and many other treasures, large and small. The ever-changing selection of outstanding and innovative work is created by more than 300 contemporary glass artists. You will also find a huge custom framing department where you can choose from the finest handcrafted moulding to thoughtfully designed shadow box frames for those precious keepsakes. Southwest Gallery also welcomes The Artists’ Showplace Gallery in Richardson, helping to continue the diverse offering of products and services.

Southwest Gallery



After living all over the world, New Zealand-based artist Scott Dawson settled in Dallas and created CINQ Gallery. The gallery supports sophisticated talent with a focus on giving emerging and mid-career artists a platform to showcase and develop their individual talents. CINQ’s style and sensibility offers a unique blend of artistic disciplines and design, creating an enjoyable experience for both the artist and viewer.

CINQ’s philosophy is to celebrate the diverse nature of producing and experiencing art. The gallery features the work of a multitude of artists, ranging from local to international talent. Artists John Peralta and Adriana Cobo-Frenkel explore sculpture through natural and manmade materials, while artists Shayema Rahim, Robert Oltarzewski and Jennifer Wagner explore multiple layers of built-up artwork. Abstract photographer Rodolfo Choperena creates dazzling prints on metal, and painters Steven Tye Culbert and Oscar Mejia live in a world of vivid oil paintings. Having degrees in photography and design, Dawson brings his own painting, drawing and printmaking talent into the gallery.

Scott Dawson



Bee Street Studio is a warehouse- style gallery offering full-service art consultation. It is owned and operated by motherdaughter team Ann Catherine Easterling and Delaney Campbell. Both from Dallas, they are a valuable resource in connecting interior designers and individual clients with a tailored selection of high-quality and original art offerings that are perfect for both commercial and residential spaces. Different from other galleries, Bee Street Studio uses every inch of wall space to showcase the works of their fine artists. Easterling and Campbell strive to offer a comfortable and approachable venue for artists as well as for clients where they can browse and admire the art. With a portfolio that includes over 60 artists, both established and emerging, from all over the country, the variety of styles, mediums and price points allow clients to find the perfect art for their space.

Bee Street is located at 6445 Cedar Springs Road, Suite #103 and is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. If you can’t swing by during those hours, they are happy to set up an appointment at the studio or meet with you for an on-site visit to discuss your art needs. Keep up with the Bee Street girls and their artists by following @beestreetstudio on Instagram.

Bee Street Studio



Founded 21 years ago in Dallas, Christopher Martin Gallery has created the perfect atmosphere to present reverse glass paintings by Christopher H. Martin. The galleries are currently located in Dallas, Aspen and Santa Fe. They are positioned as a platform to showcase a generation of mid-career artists with active studio practices. Exhibitions are announced throughout the course of the year.

Currently on display are works by Christopher H. Martin and sculptures by Michael Enn Sirvet. Both artists abstract their observations of nature, reflecting boldness and serenity. At first glance, their works display a rational balance and an undeniable harmony. Upon contemplation, the works reflect an organic sense of existence and a natural ability to transform the spaces that they inhabit.

Michael Enn Sirvet is a structuralist abstract artist who maintains a dedicated practice in Washington, D.C. Sirvet infuses his works with organic expression in mediums such as aluminum, steel, wood and acrylic. His works can be found in several private collections and U.S. embassies around the world.

Christopher Martin Gallery



Mary Tomás Gallery is a contemporary fine arts gallery offering collectors, designers and patrons exciting and visionary art. Located in the vibrant Dallas Design District, the gallery space provides opportunities to inform, instruct and inspire art collectors. Since 2009, owners Mary and Alberto Tomás purposefully select artists for their gallery roster who encompass unique artistic styles and exhibit diverse backgrounds. Rotating exhibits feature regional, national and international artists whose works may be found in private, corporate and museum collections. Exhibits showcase painting, printmaking and sculpture. The gallery is engaged in the growth of Dallas’ reputation as a flourishing arts destination. Shown are works of art by Dawn Waters Baker, Carlos Cancio, Kenn Kotara, Ellen Soffer and Masri. As members of the Dallas Art Dealers Association (DADA) and the Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas (CADD), the gallery taps into the ever-changing pulse of the burgeoning art world.

Please visit our gallery in Dallas or view our website to learn more about our gallery and the artists we represent.

Mary Tomás Gallery



West Texas native Ginger Fox is primarily a self-taught artist. Fox’s journey into the arts began as a child and continues with an endless array of projects and mediums.

Fox’s extensive national and international travels added life experience and a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world she discovered. Her love of life and its beauty drives her enthusiasm for increasing environmental awareness and our impact on nature.

Fox paints magical realism to create a world on canvas where she combines the magnificence of our natural world with elements of the manmade. Fox’s magical realism work blurs the line between real and imagined in order to consider how we might coexist in greater harmony within the natural world. In stark contrast, Fox has also been painting abstract expressionism for over 15 years. She loves the freedom she feels during the creation process. “You don’t know where you are going, so you have the connection between you as the artist and canvas in order to capture the moment,” she says.

Ginger Fox Gallery



Circuit12 Contemporary (C12) is one of Texas’ most innovative and incomparable art spaces, focusing on a wide range of contemporary and post-digital works that investigate modes of abstraction, figuration and beyond.

Located in the Dallas Design District, Circuit12 strives to provide a unique platform for ambitious emerging, mid-career and established artists.

Pushing boundaries and bridging gaps—the gallery is known to question, challenge and dispute the limitations and common ways of looking at art, installation and exhibition programming.

Specializing in post-2000 works, C12 exhibits a wide scope of new media projects in addition to invigorating and thought provoking 2-D and 3-D works. C12 represents over 40 artist including Robert Andrade, Sofia Arnold, Timothy Bergstrom, Bubi Canal, Tomory Dodge, Jacin Giordano, Clark Goolsby, Iva Gueorguieva, Cody Hudson, Kayla Lewis, Lucas Martell, Ferris McGuinty, Jennifer Nehrbass, Susy Oliveira, and Gina Orlando to name just a few.

Located inside C12 is PRIMER a design oriented concept store and bookshop filled with expertly curated selections for your enjoyment including books, periodicals, stationary, home décor, and more.

Circuit12 Contemporary



“Painting and creating has been a significant part of my life since I was in elementary school,” says Douglas King, editor of Dallas Style & Design, whose acrylic on canvas paintings are available through Bee Street Studio. “I have always painted for myself, in a number of styles, but it was not until recently that I thought others might enjoy my work.”

To say King’s work is eclectic is an understatement. In one series he limits his palette to black, while in another his brush blends the entire spectrum of color into a loose rainbow as a backdrop of more controlled black lines swirl, forming the impression of stained glass. On another canvas he creates very graphic designs and shapes reminiscent of retro Mod images, and in yet another he paints abstract sunsets. His canvases vary in size from 40 x 30 inches to smaller 8 x 10 inch studies. “I like to experiment and explore many different styles,” he notes. “I never want to be limited in what I create. I paint the scene I see in my mind’s eye and it is different from day to day.” Douglas King

Douglas King

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