CARLYN Ray Designs specializes in bringing people into the mesmerizing process of glassmaking while creating elegant art installations for both residential and commercial spaces.

After training with the best glassblowers in the world, artist Carlyn Ray established a studio in the Dallas Design District. She brings together a talented team of specialists to create unique designs that transform any space into something truly special.

In her signature series, Ray weaves together hand-pulled glass with metal wires to create woven tapestries of light and color. These undulating glass forms can be mounted on walls, perched on tables, suspended from above or they can stand freely as sculptures.

Experience the sinuous movement of glass through colorful ribbons that capture the exquisitely fluid process of glassblowing. Each ribbon is layered in colors and stretched into individual shapes designed for your specific space.

The possibilities are endless. Send Carlyn Ray Designs a photo of your space to begin with a sketch, and then join her team in the creative process to design the piece of your dreams.

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