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The Jarrell Company is a one-stop shop for the homebuilding industry and homeowners

by ELLEN URIBE / photography by HOLGER OBENAUS

All kitchen equipment is not created equal—just ask Eric Neel, owner and president of The Jarrell Company, a luxury appliance dealership based in University Park, an exclusive enclave and suburb of Dallas.

From its start in 1956, The Jarrell Company has been helping homeowners, builders and designers find the perfect appliances, plumbing options and decorative hardware solutions to fulfill practical and aesthetic needs.

“Since we opened our doors, we have seen a wonderful response from the community and incredible growth,” says Neel, who purchased the company in 2014. “We owe it to our dedicated and knowledgeable employees, and our passion for everything that makes a house a home.”

The company was founded by two brothers—Buddy and Milton Jarrell. From the outset, Neel says, the Jarrells forged a stellar reputation, which later proved to be a real impetus for him and his partners to purchase the company.

Following the Jarrells’ ownership, the company was taken over by a private equity group that didn’t do much with it, according to Neel. Ultimately, the private equity group’s inactions opened up a real opportunity for Neel and his partners, Zane and Jane Butter and Morris Wells, to invigorate the business.

Neel, who is the managing partner and in the office every day, says The Jarrell Company has operated at its original location between SMU and University boulevards since its founding. Under the Butters, Neel and Wells, the company has grown larger, adding a new Grapevine location.

The company—which showcases beautiful and luxurious products, including a toilet that sells for $14,000—relies heavily on referrals and repeat business from builders, consumers, designers and contractors.

“I think we have a good platform to show off the products really well,” says Neel. “The competitors’ showrooms aren’t as large as ours, so we have a much bigger space to display things in a way that attracts attention and can really give clients a better idea of how the products will stand out.”

Neel says the Jarrell team—which numbers about 70—tries to make good recommendations for every phase of a client’s project. “Typically, you wouldn’t see the same finishes in the higher-end homes as you would in less expensive areas. For instance, we wouldn’t put a $100,000 kitchen in a $300,000 home.”

With its iconic sign, which has become somewhat of a pseudo-Dallas landmark, The Jarrell Company has continued to integrate itself into the metroplex with its attention to detail and well-trained staff.

“The key to any kitchen, bathroom or outdoor kitchen is to create a space that will not only look amazing but will also function well for our clients” says Neel. “Selecting the right appliances, plumbing and/or decorative hardware can be a difficult and confusing process.” To that end, the company’s website promises to make the process as easy as possible, with specialists available to help find the perfect solution for your home and work within your budget.

Despite the frustrations and limitations imposed by the pandemic, The Jarrell Company continued to operate and even flourish during the lengthy disruption. “We were considered essential, so during COVID we did well,” says Neel. “We maintained hours of operation with a limited staff, and we came up with innovative ways to interact and limit the in-person contacts.”

For Dallas metro-area builders, interior designers, contractors or anyone else in the home industry, The Jarrell Company is hardwired to work tirelessly with any and all professionals to find the perfect home solution for clients.

Whether working on a large kitchen remodel, building a custom home or a series of homes, The Jarrell Company wants to be an appliance partner, and it offers a full suite of new appliances, plumbing and hardware, as well as the expertise to give its professional partners the confidence they need to complete the job.

Neel advises his staff to be good listeners. “I tell my employees to listen to the customers and understand their needs so that they can best present all the options available,” he says. “Our clients want more of a consultant than a salesperson. Our goal is to present them with a solution that best fits the customer’s needs.” *

Ellen Uribe is an award-winning journalist and a communications expert. She is a sought-after speaker, participating as a moderator and panelist at numerous industry events, conferences and broadcast outlets. She has contributed to Vanity Fair, Palm Beach Life, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Women’s Wear Daily and Time Magazine.

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