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An edited collection of international designers in a relaxed atmosphere


What if there was a place you could shop where you didn’t have to feel like you had to be a certain size to be accepted? What if you could have a personal stylist? You can. That place exists, and it’s waiting for you in Dallas. On the corner of Lovers Lane you’ll find Elements, where a curated selection of established and emerging European, Australian and American designers and contemporary clothing and accessories are offered in a relaxed atmosphere. Where comfortable seating and complimentary beverages are provided so that every customer feels welcome. “We want every woman to be able to walk in and find something she loves, no matter her size or age,” says Stevie Moore, creative director.

As a boutique that is all about building customer relationships and creating a wonderful shopping experience, the Elements sales staff ensure that every woman who walks through the door feels like family and has her own personal stylist. “The best thing a shopper can do if she wants to have a current, stylish, organized wardrobe that works for her is to find a good sales associate and stick with them,” says Moore. “Some of our clients have been shopping with the same associate for 10 years or longer. There are so many benefits to these types of relationships, such as being able to special order items, having pictures of new items texted or emailed to you before they hit the racks and arriving for your appointment to find a whole dressing room full of items that exactly match your style and size.”

Not only are you treated like royalty from the moment you walk in but the luxury goes home with you as well— Elements offers a variety of complimentary services, such as delivery options and in-house alterations. There are also several associates who offer home wardrobe styling, closet organization services and even help packing their clients for a vacation. Every day should feel like a red carpet premiere and with Elements that’s possible.



With any clothing store there is always that fear of, “Do they have what everyone else has?” because, let’s be honest ladies, when you buy clothes you want to be the only one wearing an outfit so you can be the fashion icon. The staff of Elements travels to New York, Los Angeles and Paris to search for items that are high quality, unique and fashion forward, while still figure flattering and feminine. You’re guaranteed a fresh pick of the most amazing designs and styles by designers such as Zimmermann, No. 21, MSGM, Dion Lee, Alexis, Jonathan Simkhai, and many more.

What makes Elements unique is that unlike most stores, where a small buying team makes 100 percent of the purchasing decisions for the entire staff, Elements is a democracy. They realize that everyone has a different style and opinion, and they want to respect everyone’s taste. Every sale associate has some level of input with regard to the selection, which helps to ensure every customer leaves feeling confident that she got something she actually loves and feels beautiful in. “The benefit of this is that we are able to truly buy with our clients in mind,” Moore explains, “and our associates are more emotionally invested in the product they sell.”

Fashion starts at home and seeps into how you present yourself through clothes, that’s why there’s more than just clothing and accessories at Elements, you’ll also find home décor. Curated by the owner, Connie Sigel, and the senior merchandiser/ buyer/sales associate, Sarah Joiner, Elements offers décor that is exquisitely tasteful and sophisticated. Joiner worked as an interior designer, and both ladies are knowledgeable about the latest trends as well as design history.

Today’s generation has become accustomed to having to be a certain way or having a certain look to be accepted. Elements has stepped up and turned away from the status quo. No more exclusive cliques or mean girls. Just an inclusive community of strong, stylish, beautiful, inspiring women who know what they want. So grab your purses ladies and head over to Elements, because there is a table with your name on it, and you’re welcome to sit with them.

Heather King is a freelance journalist who writes about fashion and travel.

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