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Elevation Concepts inspires a productive, healthy and active work space


CLOSE YOUR EYES AND think about the last time you played the game Simon Says. Recall the excite-ment you felt when you heard, “Simon says, stand up!” Your body rushed with adrenaline to stand tall and spring into action. Many grown-ups spend a great deal of time sitting at their desks, around conference tables or in-home offices, far away from the wellspring of childhood energy and enthusiasm. While most people are aware that sitting is the new smoking and standing desks have myriad benefits, many consumers are overwhelmed by the number of standing desks available in the market.

Throughout his experience in the corporate world, Elevation Concept’s founder, Scott Newman, observed that the work habits of colleagues were negatively impacted by the layout and outfitting of offices. “I saw many executives sitting behind massive ‘Iron Throne’ desks, putting a huge distance between themselves and their audience,” says Newman. He was inspired when standing desks came on the market and began thinking about how he could improve their design.

“I wanted to take standing desks and elevate them to the next level,” says Newman. Subsequently, he created a business plan to launch Elevation Concepts, which envisioned standing desks and tables that inspire a productive, healthy and active work space.

Founded in 2016, Elevation Concepts designs sleek, modern and minimalist standing desks and tables using dry-erase glass surfaces that increase collaboration and communication in offices, organizations and institutions. “We are proud to use the highest quality materials made in the USA,” says Newman. Elevation Concepts’ standing desks and tables are available in more than 150 colors, perfect for coordinating with corporate brand standards or home office preferences.

Elevation Concepts’ dry-erase glass surface is revolutionary in the market. It makes employees feel more creative and collaborative, with the added benefit of being eco-friendly. You can raise or lower the desks with a simple press of a button, or manage the Desk Control App on your smartphone or tablet. The cable management system is another great feature, where one can hide and access power, data and USB sources under the dry-erase glass surface.

Newman notes five reasons why Elevation Concepts standing desks and tables elevates Monday morning meetings and adds color and good vibes to your work space.

Good for planet Earth: Taking notes
on the dry-erase surface eliminates the need to use paper. Less paper is great for the environment, reduces clutter and clears the mind for brilliant ideas! The energy-efficient desks only use power when you are adjusting the height from sitting to standing.

Nurtures collaboration: Work spaces
are changing for the better. The traditional office footprint of the boss sequestered behind a gigantic desk with worker bees buzzing in cubicles is fading fast. Working side by side inspires collaboration.

Reduces clutter: No need to search
through notebooks or files. Your notes are right in front of you on the dry-erase surface, which is available in 150 different colors.

Inspires creative thinking: Ergonomic
work spaces promote interactive communication and creativity while standing. Doodle on your desk with
a rainbow of markers and when you complete the task, just erase and make room for more ideas.

Increases productivity: Standing
desks have been linked with increasing productivity and burning calories. Employees at standing desks work in a healthier environment while sharing their ideas. “Building products with superior and innovative materials is the foundation of our business,” says Newman. Elevation Concepts desks are perfect for corporate offices as well as the many other spaces where people are working today, including the hospitality industry, public work spaces and home offices.

Charitable giving is a big part of the company’s mission. Newman serves as chairman of the board of directors of Easter Seals of North Texas, donating his time and resources. “We practice what we preach and are dedicated to elevating the world with kindness and charitable giving, and inspiring happy work spaces,”
says Newman.


Stacey Marcus is a Boston-based freelance lifestyle, luxury and travel writer. Her works have appeared in Art New England, Boston, Boston Common Magazine, Coastal Design Magazine, Charleston Style & Design, Modern Luxury Chicago, Ocean Home Magazine,, and many others. A lover of big words and little white dogs, Stacey’s biggest joys are found in life’s simple moments.

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