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Heritage Antiques offers character in a world of contemporary



In the words of famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” These words were spoken in reference to clothing but they hold true in home décor as well. The owners of Heritage Antiques and Interiors in Dallas believe that a fine home cannot be filled with rooms torn directly from the pages of a catalog.

“Our goal is to provide you with one-of-a-kind antiques imported directly from Europe along with complementary new items of the highest quality. This combination will give your home character and make it unique,” says Gene Kerns, co-owner and operator.

Having been active in the Dallas antiques community for more than five years, Kerns and his partner, co-owner Dean Warden, know firsthand what makes antique pieces so charming.

They frequently travel to Europe and hand select items to be imported and sold in their store. The pair takes great pride in their selection process and works diligently to uncover truly one-of-a-kind pieces. They enjoy finding carvings or inscriptions on antiques that present the opportunity to trace them back to their origin.

“Some of these pieces tell a story,” explains Kerns. “They date back to another place and time, which is fun to discover.”

The co-owners look for items crafted of rich woods that have withstood the test of time. They believe in the quality these pieces afford. “Antiques can often be given new life with a new coat of wax, which is rare and next to impossible with most new furniture, the finish on which, once scratched or chipped, is often damaged irreversibly,” remarks Warden. The same is not true for antiques, which contributes to their value as much as their history.


Kerns and Warden get their inspiration from the finest homes around the world and find themselves particularly drawn to the country houses of France and England. The duo also visited factories in the Netherlands that specialize in Delft blue and white tin-glazed pottery that dates back to the 16th century so they could develop a true understanding of its production. Today, Heritage Antiques and Interiors carries one of the most extensive collections in the metroplex.

In addition to antiques, the showroom offers new furniture and home accessories, chandeliers and art, along with smaller gift items, such as unique candle lines or picture frames, suitable for major milestones and celebratory events. If you are looking for a shopping and home decorating experience like no other, Heritage Antiques and Interiors should not be overlooked.

Vision and a heartfelt passion make Kerns and Warden specialists in their field. Constantly learning and gaining new knowledge, the two are a valuable resource to anyone looking to decorate and furnish an entire home, or someone simply wanting to add character to an almost perfect space that simply lacks a small, unique touch.

“We believe that timeless decorating is just that, rooms that do not feel like they were just decorated, rooms that feel authentic,” Kern says.

With a true understanding of worldwide antiques, they can grasp any look that someone wants to accomplish for their home and help turn it into a reality. There is no denying that these two gentlemen love what they do and want to share their passion with others.

Courtney Jackson is a journalist and short story author. She is also a volunteer with the Miss America Organization.

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