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Customization can make a bold statement


In the world of mass production and abundance, ideas of quality and luxury have transformed to convey uniqueness, handcraftsmanship and one-of-a-kind status. It is no longer enough for the most exquisite tastes to have top-quality items; the essence of luxury lies in the artistic and artisanal elements that set products apart from the mainstream.

The trend of customization has been growing stronger in fashion and design industries for the past decade. From dresses and jewelry to art and lighting, the desire for objects to reflect their owner’s character and style has steadily increased and shifted to include larger elements of interior design, such as furniture and rugs.

Rugs are both highly personal and highly practical items in any home. They create a ground and a foundation for the space, often setting the tone for the color palette and design direction. Customizing rugs is a delicate balance of artistic talent and historical tradition of craftsmanship. Afterall, handmade rugs are the only ones worth having.

This level of expertise is not easy to come by. That’s why the business of rug customization has flourished at Talebi Rugs, a third-generation company well known here in Dallas. Geared toward both immediate purchases and custom orders, Talebi Rugs offers a wide range of products—antique, reproduction, contemporary styles and custom designs.

Owned and run by Mike and Alan Talebi, the business celebrates its 35-year anniversary in the Design District and Mike Talebi’s retirement with a large celebratory sale of its current inventory. After 10 years in the business, Alan Talebi will now take over the company, and he is making strides to keep the business on top of current trends and the high expectations of 21st-century consumers.

“Customization is extremely popular now,” says Alan Talebi. “Frequently, people are not able to find exactly what they want and end up settling for what is available. In our case, we can do absolutely anything our clients desire. That ability to answer customers’ needs sets us apart and leaves clients extremely satisfied. We are also able to work within tight timelines on our custom orders. Projects are completed in three months, from conception to delivery.”

Talebi’s custom designs are as variable as your inspiration. The project can start from a digital image or a photo; the company also provides sample designs that can be manipulated to incorporate any color on the ARS600 color chart. The system is used for color matching and coordination in rug design and allows for a very hands-on customer experience.

Whether contemporary or traditional, rug design is no longer the exclusive work of master weavers. The client is now a part of the process. After initial consultation and color selection, the client is provided with a computer image of the design within a single week. Approved artwork then becomes the foundation of the handwoven, luxurious and one-of-a-kind masterpiece, produced exclusively for you.

In addition to the fast-growing custom rug business, Talebi Rugs offers a rich inventory that caters to all current trends. Despite a strong tendency toward modern and contemporary aesthetics in interior design, traditional-style rugs still make up no less than half of the company’s business. There is something timeless and soothing in the lines and colors of ageless antique patterns.

Bold color statements are also making a comeback after two decades of subdued neutral tones. Evident in all styles, strong color choices in rugs now play the same role in space design as vibrant artwork—both creating a focal point in a room or space.

Dreaming up an object and then bringing it to life is an opportunity gifted only to artists. Now, with the help of Talebi Rugs, this can be an experience of your own.

Tatyana Murphy is a Dallas-based creative professional, freelance writer and editor, who specializes in fashion, art and design.

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