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Verona Privé Maison offers treasures of the earth at The Arbors at the Round Top Antiques Show.

Artistic energy defines the design accents of verona privé maison. Semiprecious gems of the earth pervade the design show space at The Arbors in Round Top, Texas, bringing life and color to each
vignette. The inspiration of owner Verona Martinez Disdier, the collection illustrates her dedication to rare elemental objects. “You think you’re in a museum,” says Disdier.

Verona Privé Maison specializes in exceptional mineral décor. Known for her opulent selection of distinctive natural stone, Disdier revels in the uniqueness of each piece.

“No two are alike. Each piece is completely different,” Disdier says.

Originally a designer of sophisticated furniture and décor accents, Disdier became entranced with natural stone after purchasing a home in Mexico. The property revealed a quarry with its distinctive earthen jewels.

Captivated by their natural beauty, the entrepreneur transitioned her décor line to focus on an unparalleled assortment of quartz onyx and other minerals.

“Stone came into my life as a surprise. I purchased land in Mexico and got the quarry also,” says Disdier.

Excavated on-site, each piece is selected by hand and crafted by local artisans into singular table accessories, lamps and accent tables. The natural stones add depth and richness to residential and commercial décor, bringing visual interest and texture to interior design.

“Our stones are crystallized, and they have different colors. No two are alike,” Disdier says.

Naturally occurring, undulating rhythms of color are present in each piece of stone and uncover the unique history of earth’s buried past.

“I’m digging the stone from the earth. The striations tell the story of the earth at that time. It can tell you if there’s been an earthquake or if it’s been frozen,” explains Disdier.

Both intrinsically valuable and functional, the collection is crafted to offer buyers a carefully curated selection of bowls, sculptural elements, tables and lighting.

“We bring new designs to each show at The Arbors. It’s one of a kind. We do table lamps and floor lamps, accent tables and side tables. We sold many conference tables to petroleum companies because they appreciated the rare mineral formations and crystallization of our stone,” Disdier says.

Verona Privé Maison will display its stone elements at The Arbors during the spring Round Top Antiques Show, March 20 through April 3, 2021. The dealer will be located in tent E-1 of The Arbors.

“Round Top is such a niche. The Arbors is very accommodating. My tent has air-conditioning, carpeted floors and chandeliers. It’s a place where clients can feel comfortable. It’s an oasis,” says Disdier.

Established 24 years ago by Curtis Ann Davis, The Arbors is a highlight of the Round Top shopping experience. Its 12 tents are open to both retail shoppers and wholesale buyers.
“I was a dealer in Warrenton,” says Davis, owner of The Arbors. “Then I decided to lease property from the American Legion, and I started with one 40-by-40 tent. It used to be all antiques, but I’ve let it evolve.”

Now in its 51st year, the Round Top Antiques Show draws thousands of people to its wide collection of shopping locations, including The Arbors. Under its distinctive white tents you can find a spacious and comfortable shopping experience with world-class dealers representing more than a half dozen countries.

“I was the first show to go with only white tents. I want it to be a fun shopping experience and a partnership with my dealers,” Davis says.



This friendly approach drew Disdier to the location. Unlike her wholesale-only showrooms at major tradeshow markets, The Arbors offers a more casual environment.

“We set up more like an antiques show. We adapted ourselves to Round Top. We combine the essence of Round Top with our product. It’s more shabby chic,” says Disdier.

Located on Highway 237, The Arbors now houses 90 dealers of fine furniture, rugs and linens, art, apparel fashion and antiques. Soon to come to The Arbors is a high-design and home décor tent.

“I focus on artists. It’s about everything. There are new, repurposed and cutting-edge designs,” Davis says.



Dedicated to welcoming both shoppers and dealers, Davis ensures an experience distinct from other venues. The site provides a café, comfort stations, late-night shopping and happy hours.

“It’s a place where they can come and relax. Because I’ve been on both sides, I understand how hard they work,” says Davis.

Each show, dealers bring fresh merchandise. This spring, Verona Privé Maison offers never-before-seen quartz onyx décor accents, along with pristine fluorite and petrified lava. Icy, elegant and individualistic, the stone draws visual attention with its beauty. While quartz onyx captivates with subdued color, fluorite entrances with blues and greens, and lava offers bold red, white and black.

“Shoppers need to feel the energy of the stone in my booth. You can purchase the piece that mesmerizes you. You’ll see semiprecious stone in a functional way,” Disdier says. *

Nancy Baldwin is a Dallas freelance journalist, marketing writer and editor of nonfiction books. Contact her at

The Arbors
1503 N. State Highway 237
Round Top, TX 78954

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