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Framing and enhancing beauty at Bonrics


“Creativity takes courage.”
—Henri Matisse

The words of Henri Matisse ring true when describing what Sharol & John Kochan are achieving as owners of Bonrics Custom Framing and Gallery. Located in Carrollton, Texas, they are working together with a range of diverse clients to creatively preserve family heirlooms and framed art of all types.

“‘Art to treasure, treasure to art’ is our motto,” John Kochan says. He goes on to explain that a frame should never overpower the natural beauty of the piece, but instead enhance and bring out what is already there. His artistic approach to this field may be why Bonrics has become a destination for many artists looking for custom/artisan picture framing.

The Bonrics team takes its time with each project. Designing the perfect picture frame is accomplished through Kochan’s careful approach. This is done by first finding out what the customer wants. “I like to ask a series of questions so we can get a clear understanding of what our clients are looking for,” he explains. “The first and most important is, ‘Will this piece be going into a home or office?’ Once I know that, we can discuss the ‘feel’ of these environments: wall colors, flooring, furniture, etc. We want the art, and as an extension, the frame, to properly coexist with the environment. Once again, the piece must complement the space, not overpower it. You want it to look and feel natural. This is key to the frame properly becoming part of the art and the art becoming part of the space.”

Along with these elements, Bonrics uses a variety of methods and materials to build each frame. From metal to traditional new and reclaimed woods, each custom frame is crafted with care. The team also employs UV-coated glass and acid-free mats so art pieces will not fade or deteriorate.

Once a piece of art has been framed, Bonrics delivers and even assists customers in properly hanging their newly framed pieces in their home or office. For those clients who are looking for something unique, Bonrics has contacts at several Dallas galleries and has been known to help its clients acquire the right piece of art for their space.

That type of insight and deep customer service is what helps Bonrics stand apart from retail chain stores.

The Kochans are helping to preserve art for future generations, and their talents are also helping to preserve the Bonrics Custom Framing heritage. Founded in 1992 by Jerry Corbin, Bonrics has served the Dallas community for over 20 years. When Corbin decided it was time to retire, he started his search for someone who could continue what his family started. A lucky meeting with the Kochans resulted in their combined vision to enable Bonrics to live on for a new generation of artists.

Through their hard work and determination, the Kochans have strengthened the legacy started by Corbin. So much so that the Kochans are happily working to open a second Bonrics location and are also working on hosting an art benefit. Profits from this benefit will be donated to local Dallas charities.

This is a long way from where Shari and John Kochan started out. For over 20 years, John was a fireman and station commander in Washington state. After his retirement, he and his wife decided to move to Texas to be near their grandchildren. While running a business is not everyone’s idea of a peaceful retirement, it certainly is for them.

Henri Matisse said: “Fit the parts together, one into the other, and build your figure like a carpenter builds a house. Everything must be constructed, composed of parts that make a whole.” Once again, his words ring true.

Rick Villa is a Dallas-based freelance writer. He can be reached at

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