A family legacy brings beautiful oriental rugs to Dallas



Stitch by stitch, Oriental rugs are delicately fabricated to tell a story of culture and tradition. As these rugs are purchased and traded, they begin to display the value and importance that only comes from passing time. Nazaret Sirinoglu, owner of Nomads Loom, is a true Oriental rug expert, with a keen eye for quality rugs and what makes them so special. With his showroom on the ground floor of the Dallas Market Center, Sirinoglu and his family have been bringing beautiful antique rugs to the Dallas area for over 50 years.

Quality, above all else, is the primary consideration for Sirinoglu when bringing new rugs into his collection. “We sell rugs based on a kind of intrinsic value, whereas some other dealers sell on aesthetics,” Sirinoglu remarks.

Most of the rugs in the store’s inventory are at least one hundred years old, guaranteeing the antiqueness that makes Oriental rugs so intriguing, but there is also a fine offering of high-quality rugs dated post-1940. Sirinoglu takes great pride in the vast inventory that Nomads Loom has acquired, but is working toward narrowing the inventory down to a more selective collection. “Eventually, instead of having 5,000 good rugs, we’d rather have 500 top-tier antique rugs,” he explains. Needless to say, when you’re at Nomads Loom, you’re surrounded by the best of the best.

Additionally, Nomads Loom offers a variety of other services, including trading, cleaning, restoration, appraisals and renting. Sirinoglu takes pride in the services his store offers and especially enjoys working with customers to help them find the rug that they’re looking for. “My favorite part about my work is meeting some amazing people,” he says.


The great success of Nomads Loom didn’t come about easily, however. From financial issues to being new to the American culture, becoming successful in this business was certainly an arduous process. “I was the first importer of new Turkish rugs into the country, so breaking into the market was very difficult,” Sirinoglu stresses.

Despite this, he has surpassed these hardships and now stands as a successful businessman in his field. In addition to selling rugs, Sirinoglu has spoken at several assemblies where he enjoys sharing the culture and importance of Oriental rugs as well as his family’s history in the Dallas area.

Coming from a long line of Oriental rug traders, Sirinoglu was destined for success. His grandfather, Zareh Usta, was an Armenian master weaver as well as a rug dealer in Caesarea, Turkey, and Sirinoglu’s father, Haygaz Usta, designed Hereke silk rugs from a very young age, using skills taught to him by Zareh. Haygaz was very successful in his business and his rugs were renowned at a time when silk rugs were at their peak. Naturally, his father wanted to keep the family legacy alive, so he passed down his knowledge and experience to his son. Father and son worked together for several years until Sirinoglu moved to Paris and then to New York to complete his studies, while still working with silk rugs on the side. “My father’s support and guidance helped shape me and my business today,” says Sirinoglu. “Eventually, I’d like my son, Sarven, to take over and run the store.”

From producing and designing world-class silk Hereke rugs to designing a rug for the Green Room in the White House, the Sirinoglus have gained a reputation for quality and integrity, in which they take pride.

Much like the antique rugs they sell, the expertise of understanding and recognizing quality Oriental rugs has been passed down through the years. The Sirinoglus have built a successful, reputable business, which they know will continue as it is passed along into the hands of future generations.

Emma Burleigh is a part-time freelance writer living in Frisco, Texas.

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