Artist Ginger Fox was born and raised in the Panhandle region of West Texas. Primarily a self-taught artist, Fox started her professional career as a decorative artist, working with designers on different projects in varying styles. In 2006 she decided to focus full time on her fine art.

Fox, who has more than 20 years of experience, is best known for her unconventional approach to painting in multiple styles. Through years of diligent work, she has gained proficiency in various painting styles, ranging from realism to minimalism to abstract expressionism.

Regardless of the style, Fox’s humor, aesthetic and optimism come through. Her personality is on full display in her vintage Power Club series, in which she not so subtly points to the strength and power of women. In her surrealism series she combines the beauty of our natural world with elements of the man-made. In contrast, when painting abstracts, Fox loves the freedom to express a captured moment through the use of color and dynamic brushstrokes.

Fox now operates out of a private studio on Oak Lawn Avenue in the Dallas Design District, where clients can view her range of paintings as well as commission custom artworks.

Ginger Fox Studio

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