PRIMARILY a self-taught artist, Ginger Fox started her professional career in the design industry, working on a variety of projects that challenged her to use various painting styles. In 2001, she had her first solo art exhibition, and in 2006, she left her design career to give full focus to her true passion: fine art.

In 2012, Fox opened her first gallery in the well-known Bishop Arts District, followed in 2017 by a second in the Dallas Design District. Both were tremendous accomplishments, but they came with considerable challenges. By the summer of 2019, she had closed both galleries and opened her studio.


Boasting more than 20 years of experience, Fox is known for her extraordinary versatility and grasp of various styles. The impressionistic Flora series shows her love of texture and loose colors, while her abstracts show the beauty of minimalism. One of the paintings in her Textured abstract series, Monet Deconstructed, gives the viewer the feel of looking beyond the natural landscape into a vast body of water. Displaying her sense of humor, her Magical Realism series offers whimsy along with technically realistic images.

Fox’s work can be found online and by appointment at her Dallas Design District studio.

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