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New showroom takes it to the mattresses


A good night’s sleep is key for a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. Your mattress dictates whether you have a good day or a bad one. It is important to have proper bedding that caters to our specific needs. Everyone’s body is made differently, and this remains true for your mattress as well. Tucked away in the Design District is a new retailer to the metroplex that features custom bedding designed to fit your comfort level. Dallas Luxury Beds—an expansion of Chicago Luxury Beds—has recently opened its doors to the second location in the country.

Mary Pat Wallace is the owner of Chicago Luxury Beds. She started the business in Chicago in 2005 with the purpose of providing the best quality beds for those who desire to improve their sleep. “The story is very simple. Mary Pat Wallace and her husband were looking for a bed that would be perfect for them,” says Henry Bianchi, who is the general manager of the Chicago and Dallas locations. Mary Pat and her husband searched for the perfect bed until a friend recommended Hästens Beds, a company from Sweden that was known to produce the finest mattresses in the world.

“They tried the beds and fell in love with them,” he says. “Mary Pat always has a great idea, so she thought, ‘Wait a minute, there are no stores that carry the full line in the United States.’ So, she was the first to bring Hästens in and have a Hästens store.”

Vispring—a British luxury mattress brand—was later introduced to North America by Wallace. Chicago Luxury Beds began selling Vispring four years after opening to provide another choice for customers. “We wanted to find a brand that was equal quality, equal heritage, equal service, equal longevity, but didn’t feel the same,” Bianchi says. Both companies use all-natural materials with no synthetics added. Hästens mattresses are made of cotton, horsehair and wool. Vispring includes mohair, silk, bamboo, cashmere alpaca and vicuna. Each of these brands offer several headboard styles that can be custom upholstered with fabrics offered in the showroom. The mattresses can also be customized to fit your level of firmness.

Upon arriving, customers can expect a full overview of all the products with the undivided attention of a trained mattress specialist. “Our showroom experience is educational,” says Bianchi. “We want to educate you on what the bed is doing, what support is, and how a bed should support you.” He suggests: “Do your research and take time to really understand what you’re looking at. And, when you are trying beds and find one you like, spend a minimum of 30 minutes on that bed.”

Dallas Luxury Beds does not only sell mattresses; it sells a lifestyle! The company offers multiple lines of special products that are directed to help make your sleep experience the best one yet. Sferra (fine linens), The Pillow Bar (custom down pillows and sleep accessories), Quintessence (candles and scented drawer tubes made in Paris), Elizabeth W (sleep masks, eye pillows, hot/cold flaxseed packs), and Mari Ann Silk (silkfilled comforters and pillows) are all brands sold at the showroom. The company also suggests each customer follow the five keys for better sleep: darkness, silence, temperature, preparation and the right bed.

Maintenance and care services are provided for clients, including bed rotation, which is offered to those who wish to have their bed rotated per the suggested recommendation. A sleep assessment is an additional service; a trained specialist performs an assessment on what may be causing sleep disturbances by using the five keys for sleep.

Having the right bed is a significant part of your wellbeing. If you are interested in improving your life through sleep, Dallas Luxury Beds is for you. When asked why having the perfect bed is important, Bianchi responds: “Sleep dictates the entire rest of your life. You spend more time in your bed than on anything else you own.”

Rita Narcisse is a design blogger and interior designer. Find out more at

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