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Eddie Bickers brings a unique new boutique to Dallas



The raven is a bird often associated with darkness and mystery. Movies, books and stories carried through time are responsible for, and perpetuate, the reputation of this animal. In actuality, the raven is extremely intelligent and the only bird that flies for pleasure. Likewise, the skull is commonly known as a symbol of death and is viewed by many as scary. However, the true meaning behind the skull is a reminder to live life to the fullest, as the alternative is death. These are just a couple of the interesting facts that contributed to the inception of a new luxury boutique located in Lakewood Village.

Eddie Bickers, creator and owner of Turquoise & Lavender, has one simple motto: “Inspiration comes from everywhere.” The name of his store is a direct testament to this thought.

“I love the beauty of turquoise and the fresh, calming aroma of lavender,” explains Bickers. It comes as no surprise, then, that turquoise jewelry and various lavender products are a staple in his store. Having previously lived in New Mexico, Bickers has established relationships with several Native American artisans who design special jewelry only found at Turquoise & Lavender. Additionally, he currently works with three farms that grow various types of lavender in New Mexico.

Bickers believes that happiness is something that everyone can experience. Turquoise & Lavender is the outlet through which he shares all of his favorite things that come together to create a lifestyle. “I want to provide a welcoming environment, offering affordability for everyone,” Bickers says. With bath scrubs, culinary products, candles, antique art pieces, exquisite jewelry, and even toothpaste from Italy, Turquoise & Lavender is sure to appeal to each visitor who walks through the door. Bickers has even gone to great lengths to carry a line of perfume and cologne that is only found in his boutique. Every single item in the store has been hand-selected by him.


A resident of the Lakewood area in Dallas for over 20 years, Bickers feels the community needs a place like Turquoise & Lavender to shop. With an eclectic edge, he combines contemporary and traditional styles to give the space its identity and to create an elegant atmosphere. He also represents multiple young artists in his shop. “I give them a chance because I love to see them flourish and grow,” he explains.

Because Bickers is a cancer survivor, he feels very blessed with everything in his life. He has a heartfelt desire to impact others. Certain items in his store, such as lavender and various essential oils, have powerful properties to enhance one’s life. With that in mind, Turquoise & Lavender is a treasure chest of pure joy and simple bliss.

He is excited to watch it evolve and plans to have ongoing store events to keep the excitement alive and constantly enhance the shopping experience. “Being the first location, it has to mold itself and become what it is going to be,” comments Bickers.


Having traveled all over the world, the great outdoors contributes to Bickers’ creativity. “Growing up on a farm in Kentucky made me aware of the simplistic beauty of nature,” he states. “Since then, I have been to so many places, but my favorites are London, Greece, Cabo San Lucas, Italy, and Dorado Beach in Puerto Rico. Travel is what inspires me most.”

It is only fitting that the raven is Bickers’ chosen mascot, given the pleasure he experiences in his journeys around the world that he now brings to his store and his customers.

Courtney Jackson
is a journalist and short story author. She is also a volunteer with the Miss America Organization.

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