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Transforming garages into dynamic spaces


Close your eyes. Now imagine pulling your car into a completely customized garage of your dreams. What does that look like for you?

Designing a great space does not have to end with the interior of the home. Look to the garage as an opportunity to add limitless signature appeal to an, oftentimes, forgotten and underutilized space.

Garage Living of Dallas/Fort Worth is a premium full-service company that specializes in complete garage transformations. “The garage is really the last frontier of home improvement and design,” owner Dave Hinderland says. “We are dedicated to helping homeowners create the garage of their dreams, turning it into a space that they enjoy and like showing off.”

Services range from simple garage updates, like adding organization tools and cabinetry, to complete garage transformations, utilizing state-of-the-art flooring, cabinetry, automotive lifts and garage door replacements.

Every project with Garage Living is created custom from start to finish. Starting with an in-home or showroom consultation, a professional team works directly with homeowners on their vision. Should homeowners need visual assistance for idea generation, Garage Living has a 2,700-square-foot showroom in Irving that displays several mini garage vignette examples to get the creative juices flowing.

During an in-home consultation, a designer will take measurements and discuss the needs and desires of the homeowner. Collaborating on design, coordination and completion of all elements of the project is important to overall client satisfaction. A virtual, 3-D scaled drawing is developed to help create a cohesive design before any of the work actually begins.

No garage or creative vision is too big or too small. Because of this philosophy, homeowners with garages of all sizes can reimagine their unfinished spaces into highly customized, yet functional, showpieces.

“Homeowners are fully involved in the garage transformation process,” says Hinderland. “We work with individuals to design their vision, then we deliver the dream.” Customerfocused service is really what drives this collaborative process. The same level of attention to detail is given to each project, regardless of size and scope. The goal is to create a garage that caters to the homeowner’s lifestyle and reflects their personality.

Flooring is one of the quickest ways for homeowners to update a garage. Garage Living uses a five-step coating system to create an attractive surface in the color and finish of choice. The process begins with smoothing and leveling the floor before applying coatings that are nonslip and eco-friendly, as well as UV, abrasive and chemical resistant. Most flooring applications can be done in one day and are ready for use after 24 hours.

Custom organization tools and cabinetry take a garage to the next level. Wall organizers, overhead storage space and tire racks allow homeowners to elevate items from the floor onto a bespoke system that can support items up to 600 pounds. Garage cabinetry systems and worktops offer ample storage and create very functional spaces. Built to suit homeowner needs, cabinetry systems are fabricated of fixed custom-fitted steel or freestanding modular steel in the color of choice. Butcher block or stainless steel worktops complete the design.

Additional services include automotive lifts, for homeowners who need to elevate a vehicle for storage purposes, and garage door installations, which complete the transformation process.

“Most of our homeowners are only one-time customers,” says Hinderland. “We have one shot to impress a homeowner, and we work really hard to deliver the garage of their dreams.”

Garage Living serves all cities in the North Texas area and recently completed the garage in the 2017 Fall Dream Home, a 5,300-square-foot home in La Cantera, an exclusive gated community in southwest Fort Worth.

Leslie Chatman is a freelance writer specializing in lifestyle and culture content. Find out more on her publication

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