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Closets are given first-class treatment


David Mitchell and Darin Kraetsch have been friends and business partners for more than a decade. The idea for Closet Envy sparked while at dinner reminiscing about how they first met, which coincidentally happened to be when Kraetsch was referred to Mitchell by a mutual contact to build him a custom master closet.

After more than seven years of working in the industry for one of the largest custom closet brands, entrepreneur Teresa Vernon decided to join Mitchell and Kraetsch at Closet Envy as the vice president of operations, where she enjoys empowering her designers to create their clients’ dream spaces.

Vernon’s primary role is to ensure that Closet Envy is on the cutting edge and a leader in the industry. With a background in CAD (Computer Aided Design), she has implemented a best-in-class 3-D CAD program, enabling designers to show their clients’ vision from step one.

“I love giving the designers tools and products that take their clients’ spaces from ordinary to extraordinary,” Vernon says.

For clients, working with Closet Envy is fun and simple. Vernon explains the process of a 90-minute consultation: “One of our professional designers will come to your home for a free consultation. They bring the showroom with them, and also do a 3-D CAD rendering of your space on the spot, so you see your project coming to life right before your eyes. It is a very convenient process, and you never have to come to a showroom at any point throughout the project.”

Another of the initiatives Vernon leads is the real-time dashboard, where clients are easily able to track the progress of their projects every step of the way via the internet.

From the real-time client dashboard to its product offerings, Closet Envy incorporates innovative products and technology at every step to make its clients’ lives easier. “On the product side, you’ll see many advances and bells and whistles, like pull out racks and shelves, and even a motorized hanging rack that moves up and down by remote to make it easily accessible, which is a huge benefit for people who use wheelchairs,” Vernon says. “We also have a rotating hanging rack, similar to what you see in a dry cleaner, but fancier!”

This year, Closet Envy is incorporating new products, such as a shoe rack that sits in a corner and spins to help maximize closet space. Vernon also mentions that they are adding more modern frame styles for a faceless, clean look. Excited about the future prospects at Closet Envy, Vernon says, “Closet Envy will be on the forefront of sourcing and offering the latest and greatest to our clients.”

Vernon imagines where trends are heading in the next few years, saying: “‘Smart Kitchens’ are a really big thing right now, and I see that moving into ‘Smart Closets.’ Imagine devices that could automatically iron your clothes on a built-in rack, or a digital closet inventory system that helps you create outfits and schedules tailoring appointments and dry-cleaning pickups at the touch of a button.” She also suggests the possibility of virtual stylists to help choose and accessorize outfits in real time. In the ever-growing world of automation, there is infinite potential.

Despite the name, Closet Envy provides cutting-edge organizational solutions for any space. In homes, primary spaces include mudrooms, garages and kitchens, but it can help with so much more! Closet Envy also works on a commercial level with buyers, developers or offices to develop custom storage solutions.

“If you have a space that needs organization, we’re the ones for the job,” Vernon says.

Kasey Goedeker is a Dallas fashion blogger and freelance writer. For more information visit runninginheelsblog .com or email hello@

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