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In just 15 years’ time, Elegante Iron has become a leader in the hand-forged wrought iron industry, creating custom doors, spiral staircases, balconies, railings and more. Asked why this happened, owner Jenny Sandlin is quick to explain that it is a combination of things. “The quality, craftsmanship, functionality and durability of our products, as well as our customer service and impeccable reputation, set us apart,” she says.

Every craftsman who works for Elegante Iron is factory trained and all of them have been with the company for years. This removes the need to outsource work. By keeping everything in-house, the company can make sure the client’s vision is truly fulfilled.

“If I had to choose one aspect that affects everything else, I would say it is our attention to detail throughout the creative process,” Sandlin says. “This attention to detail from the design, construction and installation phase is why our products have become the first choice for high-end custom builders who put quality and durability first.”


Sandlin goes on to explain the company’s production and installation process: “We service the units from beginning to end. We deliver and install the products at the job sites. Then we carefully cover the units to prevent damages during construction. At the end of the construction phase, we return to glaze, weather-strip and touch up if necessary. We make sure that the final product that is at the home represents the quality that we stand for.”

The team’s skill and experience has also made it possible for the company to expand beyond just new homes. This is where Elegante’s craftsmen’s ability to adapt really shines. Existing homes hold a lot of memories, and the team is able to work with families to bring updated designs to their homes’ entryways.

The years of top-rated customer service have given Elegante an A+ rating with the BBB for the last 15 years, and they are also members in good standing with the HBA and other local institutions in their industry.

Founded on September 5, 2001, just days away from a turning point in American history, Elegante started with a vision to provide high-end, quality products to Dallas luxury homebuilders. “We were only six days away from 9/11, one of the most turbulent, horrific events in recent history,” Sandlin says. “I remember the appointments that I had set up that day, who I saw and the reactions of my clients as the news came in that we were under attack.” It was a difficult time to start a business, but Sandlin knew she had to push through. Her relentless perseverance paid off. “With only one computer, one file cabinet and working out of my home—no catalog, no business plan, no product to show my builders—I sold $90,000 and had the funding I needed to set up my business,” Sandlin proudly remembers.

When asked about the future of Elegante, Sandlin is quick to mention the Lexington line. “The Lexington line is beautifully crafted, simple divided light units that offer precision and skilled craftsmanship, while providing unparalleled functionality,” she says.

The transitional, clean, contemporary look of the Lexington line is what most interior designers, architects and homeowners want to complement the clean, minimal look that is sought after by today’s Millennial professionals who are building their first custom homes.

It is clear Elegante has no plans to slow down. The company will continue to create fine handcrafted products while working hard to maintain its family atmosphere. “Many of our customers know how handson and passionate I am about my work, but many do not realize that we are a small family- run business,” Sandlin says. “While we have grown over the years and experience more success year after year, we have chosen to never let go of the core values that helped to get us here: being honest, following through with what you say, and always putting God and family first.”

Rick Villa is a freelance writer based in Dallas. He can be reached at

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