JENNIFER Lashbrook has carved out an incredibly unique style for herself by using individually cut paper paint chips that are collaged to create pixilated images of landscapes, cityscapes, portraits and famous works of art. From a distance the colors blend to create a photo realistic quality, with each “pixel” becoming more distinguishable the closer the viewer moves toward the piece. When viewed up close, the meticulous arrangement of the paper is truly impressive. When viewed through a cellphone or at a distance, the images become clear and details seem to jump off of the viewing plane, shocking the viewer while displaying Gestalt psychology and how your brain connects the dots (or squares in this case) based on experience. The cellphone acts as a filter, and this unique way to view Lashbrook’s art creates a fun and interactive experience for the viewer. Her work is a modern twist on impressionism and sure to inspire conversation amongst its admirers.

Lashbrook has received international recognition for this unique concept. She is featured on Forbes contemporary artist list, two of her pieces grace the set of Empire on Fox, Beats on Netflix acquired a work for its set, as did HGTV’s International House Hunters, and her works are in many private and public collections worldwide.

Lashbrook’s private Dallas gallery is available by appointment, and she accepts a few exclusive commissions yearly. Contact the artist directly at

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