JERRY Skibell grew up in Lubbock, Texas, and has been drawing and painting since childhood. “In the third grade, I was considered the resident school artist,” he says. Though his livelihood for the past 40-plus years has been in commercial real estate development, Skibell has always kept up his artwork from his expansive home studio. Skibell has shown work in various galleries and art shows throughout Texas and New Mexico, recently participating in the esteemed, third annual Flower Show at Splendora Gardens near Houston at the special invitation of sculptor James Surls.

“My innovative nature is reflected in my work, and I tend to be experimental,” Skibell says. The skilled artist works in a variety of media, such as painting, drawing and collage paintings. He is also an avid printmaker, creating drypoint and Solarplate etchings, monotypes and linocuts. As you might expect, his subject matter also covers a diverse range, from bizarre faces to landscapes with hidden faces to total abstracts.

Skibell’s curious and inventive nature is captured in his new series, entitled My Backyard. He starts many of the pieces in this series by painting with a mixture of egg whites and India ink. Before the fresh strokes dry, he hoses the drawing down. Once dry he brings it into his studio to be finished with charcoal. The result produces a unique quality that cannot be duplicated.

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