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Fiber-Seal fills Dallas’ fabric protection needs


There is a growing sentiment that suggests professionals are first and foremost in the “people business.” That is, a successful company first prioritizes its customers and their needs before other interests and motives. It looks after consumers even past the sale, including post-purchase service and life-long care that ultimately cultivates a satisfied customer base.

In the fabric protection services industry, there is no other company that best embodies this “customer first” mindset than Fiber-Seal and its Fabric Care System. With over 40 years of experience, Fiber-Seal has introduced ease and comfort into the fabric protection process through its emphasis on exceptional quality, accessible location and trouble-free customer service.

Fiber-Seal was created by founder Steve Nelson to provide a locally available, specialized method of increasing the longevity and maintaining the quality of fabrics, carpeting and rugs in the home. The company’s innovative fiber protection treatment helps to repel spills and soils, effectively allowing vulnerable surfaces to age spotlessly through years of wear and tear. Unlike other protective fiber treatments, Fiber-Seal’s eco-responsible formulas can be applied to materials without changing their color or texture. The goal, both then and now, is to provide a painless fix to everyday occurrences—rowdy kids, careless pets and messy patients alike.

What is truly remarkable about Fiber-Seal, however, is the dedication to customer service that it continues to exhibit even decades after its humble beginnings. With over 50 offices across America, Fiber-Seal aims to foster a community spirit between employees and customers. Fiber-Seal’s consultants, technicians and innovators are your neighbors and friends. The company’s ever expanding web of connections constantly trades industry expertise and knowledge, engaging in ongoing dialogue on how to further improve its products and services.

In addition to implementing local service offices to always ensure an easy, convenient means to reach its treatment products, Fiber-Seal placed local service centers in customer hotspots to guarantee that help will always be a dial away. Fiber-Seal promises that these service dispatches, in which a trained technician will be sent to personally help with particularly difficult stains, operate on a “no extra charge” policy. This oncall, always prepared assistance reiterates the company’s passion for round-the-clock customer care.

With this emphasis on looking after the “people business,” it comes as no surprise then that Fiber-Seal has cultivated a wide and respectable network of National Industry Partners, ranging from architects to interior designers to manufacturers. These long-term relationships, all of which consistently provide current industry insight to the company, only verify Fiber-Seal’s outstanding reputation in the design world. In particular, the company prides itself in its partnership with the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Fiber-Seal works closely with the organization to exchange information and feedback geared toward continually improving the quality of its products. Through this alliance, the fabric protection company is able to stay aware of budding trends, clientele needs and potential innovations within the industry.

According to company executives, the Dallas consumer population has proven to be the most compatible market for Fiber-Seal’s products. Not only does Dallas host the corporate flagship, but the city is also home to Fiber-Seal of Dallas, a licensed distributor. With such home-field advantages, it is no wonder that Fiber-Seal has found a thriving community of loyal clients within the North Texas region.

Fiber-Seal meshes top-tier quality and first-class customer service into an irresistibly complete package. Its mission to not only protect physical fabrics, but the individuals who enlist the company’s services, resonates proudly throughout its policies and procedures.

Joanne Xu is a part-time freelance writer and blogger living in Austin.

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