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Designing and building elegant environments for 35 years


When Glenn Bonick, founder of Bonick Landscaping, was a teenager, he had a part-time job painting homes and mowing lawns. From his good group of clients, one inquired if Bonick could install a hot tub and build a gazebo, so the story began. Thirty-five years later, Bonick owns and operates one of the finest landscape companies in Dallas and is designing, building and installing pools, outdoor kitchens and gardens for a client list that has grown exponentially.

“We are very blessed that people in Dallas appreciate landscape and they desire wonderful environments in which to live,” Bonick says. “Our staff are passionate about what we do, whether it is design, or details of construction or the care of plants. We do this because we really enjoy creating amazing spaces where people can live, entertain and raise a family.”

With a staff of 75 full-time designers, builders and garden service technicians, Bonick Landscaping offers a complete one-stop shop for construction and maintenance services. The company also offers pool cleaning and equipment repair services for the state-of-theart pools and water features it designs and builds.

“We provide turnkey solutions for our clients. We handle all of their exterior needs, so all they have to do is enjoy it,” says Bonick.

The company prides itself on being distinctively service-oriented as well as offering an amazing product, not only in design aesthetics and construction, but also through the smooth process in which services are delivered.

“Our goal is that clients enjoy the process. In construction, that can be difficult. Things go wrong. Managing expectations is important. We work closely with the client to guide them through every step of the design, construction and even the maintenance phase, so they are aware of what is happening and know what to expect,” Bonick says. “In fact, our commitment to a job is never complete since the company’s garden services crew works closely with clients on a weekly basis. We look forward to the nurturing of a client’s environment and ways in which we can continually enhance it as it matures.”

Bonick Landscaping is responsible for thousands of acres of landscaping across Dallas and strives to follow organic and best horticultural practices. Through technology, Bonick is leading the industry in water management and the health of the plants. “Landscapes, unlike interiors, are going to either flourish and grow, or wither. They do not flourish on their own, so every project has a garden manager who works closely with the client so they understand the garden’s care, water management needs and health,” says Bonick. “Water management is most critical for plants and is an area in which we need to be socially conscious.”

The company constantly challenges itself to make things feel fresh and new, and it uses plants and materials in unique ways. The company’s work is so well regarded that many of Dallas’ sought after landscape architects hire Bonick Landscaping to install their projects. Recently, the company was honored to receive the coveted National Association of Landscaping Professionals grand and judge’s awards for a project completed with Hocker Design Group.

Growing (pun intended) from a simple summer job of mowing lawns to a company that specializes in out-of-the-ordinary and elegant outdoor environments, Bonick Landscaping is known for its passion, innovation, quality and customer service. Whether it is designing, installing or maintaining captivating landscapes, tranquil pools and water features, or adding seasonal color to a garden, Bonick maintains some of the most prestigious residences in Dallas. Bonick Landscaping does it all and loves doing it.

“My favorite part of a project is watching it coming out of ground,” Bonick says. “The construction and the orchestration of people coming together to make this incredible product, that is what I find so exciting. Then watching what we plant grow and mature over the years, that is so satisfying.”

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