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A boutique for bedding, bath and table



The Dallas purveyor of luxury linen, The Linen Boutique, transforms home interiors into a showcase of sophistication. From flower-sprigged D. Porthault to the finest SFERRA, this is the one place to visit when adorning your home.

Serenity reigns at The Linen Boutique. It evokes an inviting and commodious space, with floor-to-ceiling shelves of linens, blankets, accessories and gifts perfect for the home. Each piece has an incredible amount of charm and warmth, creating an atmosphere that is both stylish and convivial. The store brilliantly walks the line between a Texan’s innate love of countryside and tradition while maintaining a contemporary relevance. If it weren’t for the sales counter blurring the romance, you might half expect to be entering the bedroom of your dreams.

The boutique houses predominantly Egyptian, Italian and French linens for the bedroom, bath and table. From percale to sateen, the quality of the linens is impeccable, and there is a vast array of thread counts and weaves to suit anyone’s preference. Between the lavish prints and subtly chic appliqué, the display of bravura is quickly noticed. “It’s great to be able to select from a variety of really great vendors that have tremendous quality and style,” explains Joanne Walgren, owner of the boutique. “We take a lot of pride in what we offer.”


When shopping for the boutique, Walgren envisions a look and a room, specifically a master bedroom—a base of white or ivory with an accent of color for a bucolic setting; a darker, moodier set for the modernists; or a symphony of colorful spreads for the more jovial type. Whether it’s for a soaring Charles Platt apartment, a romantic hilltop cottage or even a modernist glass box, each piece is profoundly fitting for any sophisticated setting.

The boutique’s ingenious addition is The Pillow Bar where each pillow is made by hand of allergy-free sterilized down to customer specification. The patented machine turns into what looks like an enchanting snow globe of goose down, filling your pillow as you watch. You can even test the firmness as you go. Each pillow comes with a simple monogram and a sachet of lavender, which has been shown to result in a deeper slumber.

As soon as new items arrive, Walgren will transform and enliven her master bedroom once again, something she likes to do every so often to refresh the atmosphere of a much-loved, layered home.

Rebecca Marin is a freelance writer and the founder/event producer at The Wildflowers. Find out more at

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5600 W. Lovers Lane, #122
Dallas, TX 75209