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Designer’s patio provides quality patio furnishings


Texas is one of the few states where we are lucky to enjoy outdoor living year-round. Whether dining alfresco amidst spring blooms, lounging by a pool in the summer heat or cozying up to a fireplace on a chilly fall night, Texans are fortunate to be able to expand their living spaces into the realms of nature. The garden has evolved to become the second living room, complete with all the amenities available inside. It is not even surprising that a new phrase has entered interior designers’ vocabulary—outdoor homing, which describes the growing trend of interior decorating for patio spaces.

With the growing demand for luxurious outdoor furnishing options, many companies are vying to attract customers and interior designers with expanding offerings and choices. None are as successful in the Dallas market as Designer’s Patio, a quiet, beautifully decorated showroom located at the Dallas World Trade Center. The company’s 10,000-square-foot showroom boasts an extensive catalogue of customizable furnishings, complete with all the tools necessary for designers to create unique and stylish outdoor environments.

The space offers a relaxing atmosphere and superb customer service for design professionals to build their projects. Designer’s Patio represents 18 manufacturers, each offering 20 styles or more. Frames, finishes and fabrics come in a wide variety of colors and options, thus allowing for endless possibilities and wide-ranging budgets. In addition, a full inventory of ready-made products is available for immediate purchase.

Today’s outdoor homing trends reflect those of interior design, with the most important being the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor space. The similarity to the interior should ensure that you feel particularly comfortable. Grays and neutrals continue to dominate the field, but unique and vibrant colors can reflect the specific personality of a home and its owners.

Lounges play the role of cozy sofas, accented with textural, rich and weather-appropriate fabrics. Rugs and other accessories, designed specifically for the outdoors, complete the illusion of a living space.

Unlike traditional built-in fireplaces, freestanding fire pits and fire tables offer more flexibility in designing for outdoors. They come in a variety of shapes and styles and can be removed to give way for other arrangements in summer months.

Outdoor design is no longer just about comfort and functionality. With furnishing options ranging from contemporary to traditional, spaces are becoming more and more individualized. Infusions of retro-chic, mid-century modern, and eclectic items and fabrics rejuvenate what has been generally accepted as “patio design.” An extensive selection of customizable products at Designer’s Patio offers a onestop shop for this personalized design approach.

Alfresco dining can now be taken to a new level of luxury with furnishings like Barclay Butera by Castelle and Roma by Summer Classics. Both collections exude Hollywood style and glamour with an exquisite oceanfront feel.

Designer’s Patio also works with a variety of commercial clients. The company’s portfolio boasts large projects for various hotels, resorts and apartment complexes. Among recent successes is a beautiful property in Islamorada, Florida—The Islander Resort.

In 24 years, the company has established a reputation for exceptional customer service as well as a hands-on approach to consultations and installations on customers’ sites. Offering quality patio furnishings from the best manufacturers is the key to Designer’s Patio success through the years.

Tatyana Murphy is a Dallas-based creative professional, freelance writer and editor.

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