It’s clear from looking at Mital Patel’s photography that he has an incredible eye and a unique sense of perspective. Patel captures his subjects in a way that leaves the viewer staring in awe at this moment—this one incredible moment—that he has forever immortalized through the lens of his camera. That is the mark of a true artist, and Patel’s talent is undeniable, from his nature photography to his fine architecture and abstract photographs.

Over the course of his career, Patel has created a name for himself as an intrepid photographer, traveling the globe to capture the incredible—and often majestic—shots that he takes.

He focuses on fine art photography, printing his images on museum-grade fine art paper or on Lumichrome acrylic. Within the wide scope of his work, and in all his travels across the world, Patel’s favorite subjects are larger than life. “At this time, I’d say my favorite thing to photograph has to be elephants,” he says.

While Patel is based in Dallas, he considers the world his studio. “I have traveled extensively around the globe, touching all but one continent,” notes Patel, who recently traveled to Antarctica for the first time. His work is represented by the Christopher Martin Gallery in Dallas, Houston, Aspen and Vail.

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