NANCY Pollock’s art career has spanned more than four decades. She uses the materials around her as her canvas. “I can’t draw, so I’m not an artist in that sense. The pieces emerge as I work,” she says. “What I found were mosaics and fibers, which I just love. They’re both mathematical and come out of a grid. A knitting stitch or a tile in a mosaic—it’s easy for me to see those. It’s not easy to see a blank canvas.”

Since Pollock moved to Dallas in 2013, after living in New York and South Carolina, the artist has focused on fiber pieces involving a process called coiling. “I take a rope or central core of material and take a thin piece of yarn and wrap it around and around until I’ve completely covered it. That’s what gives it the rigidity,” she explains. The result are pieces that flow and exude texture, such as Sari Waterfall, created from sari silk threads.

“I love how the colors and textures work together,” the artist says. “They seem modern and organic. Coiling takes the art to a third dimension. With the fiber, I have in mind a landscape when I start, then I make it my own with the color and the coils.”


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