“FIND beauty and inspiration within you and you’ll effortlessly see it around you,” writes artist Nita Patel. The sentiment captures not only her ideology and spirit, but also her creative process. “My work resembles life’s unknowns, which we struggle to untangle, where enlightenment is the only way out,” she continues. “My inspiration comes from my travels across the globe, as well as from other iconic contemporary and modern artists—but also through my personal spirituality and meditation practices.”

Patel, whose vast accomplishments include showing work in the Louvre Museum last October, has two areas of focus: large-format abstract paintings and mixed-media work, where she uses anything from the more typical oils and acrylics on canvas, wood, rice paper and glass to her uniquely clever and masterful utilization of precious materials, such as gold, diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Her use of precious materials signifies the ounce of hope that gives us strength to carry us through the dark moments. Across all of her work, Patel uses bold colors and inspires introspection and creative interpretations.

In her upcoming solo show in Dallas on March 5, Patel will debut her latest collection, The Opal Series. “This collection is near and dear to my heart as it resembles my affinity [for] opals and their meaning,” she says. “Opals give off a special energy—intensifying emotions and releasing inhibitions, encouraging freedom and independence, stimulating creativity, heightening consciousness and bringing loyalty and spontaneity.”

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